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Posted: Wednesday, October 04, 2000

Two detention centers needed:

one for children, one for parents

Two detention centers are needed to curb the violence with children: one detention center for children and one detention center for the parents of the children who are placed into detention centers.

Parents whose children become a menace and a threat to society have no one to blame but themselves. It is the parents' responsibility how their children turn out and function in today's society. Parents who fail to spend quality time with their children at home and at their school are the parents whose children fail in today's society.

Parents cannot discipline their child/children in today's society because if they do they will be the ones who get punished, either by the state or local law enforcement or by the Division of Family and Youth Services or both. Children in today's society are being educated by our state and federal governmental agencies. Laws shield and protect children who need discipline by the parent(s). Parents have no rights to discipline their children.

Parents who abuse or neglect their children should be incarcerated for such acts, no exceptions. There should be a set time by our state government of no more than six months rehabilitation for such acts committed against their children, or else they lose their children forever to a good home with parents who will give these abused and neglected children the real love and affection they deserve.

Parents are caught in a catch-22 situation when it comes to disciplining their children. If the child/children decide to report the parent(s) to the local law enforcement or DFYS for being disciplined by the parents(s), then the parent(s) become the victim(s). If the parent(s) fail to discipline their child/children for their misconduct, then the child/children become the victim(s).

It seems to be a no-win situation.

I have a few suggestions to make to the parents and their children to correct all the above.


1. Become better parents and take an interest in your child's needs and activities on a daily basis.

2. Spend quality time with your children at home and the outdoors.

3. Show love and affection to your children, and praise your children often for being good children.

4. Teach your children to have respect to their parents and others.

5. Educate your children about the consequences of using drugs and alcohol and being a gang member.

6. Do not let your children view X-rated or violent television or movies.


1. Do all the above, only put yourself in the parent's place.

James S. Bounds


Lots of dividend check will go to pay for increases in prices

This is a message for all Alaskans, and deals with your acceptance of the money from the permanent fund.

Take the check. If there is anyone who doesn't want the money, you don't have to take it. My thinking on this subject may come as a surprise to any and all folks who do accept the check and you need not feel guilty if you do.

Think about the amount of money you will be paying over the course of the next year for increased prices of various commodities. I believe the largest of these increases will deal with the price of gasoline for your vehicle.

Think about it; for every gallon of gas that you formerly paid $1.35 for, you are now up to $1.77 (42 cents more per gallon), and do you think that businesses who spend more for fuel will not be passing their increased costs on to you? Airlines, utilities, groceries, etc. -- the list is endless.

With any luck at all you may be able to say that the fund check provided you with a few extra dollars, but in the long run it may not be such a bargain. Like the river --"The river giveth and the river taketh away" -- and who's to say who comes out ahead.

Edward King


Passage of Proposition No. 5 will open Pandora's Box

One should read the complete text of Proposition No. 5. Part of the bill would release all marijuana offenders from jail and then give them the right to sue the state for the time they were locked up. These people broke an existing law, and if this law passes "you ain't seen nothin' yet."

Daryle White


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