Fish fund-raiser nets $50,000

Posted: Thursday, October 04, 2001

CORDOVA (AP) -- A fund-raiser by Cordova fishermen and processors raised $50,000 to help the families of New York firefighters following the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

The fishermen and processors donated 31,500 pounds of silver salmon to the cause.

''Oh man, it was just fabulous and it was fast,'' said Per Nolan, who was the first Cordova fisherman to get the ball rolling. ''We sold out in just a couple of hours.''

The fishermen, working in partnership with the processors and Anchorage firefighters, sold the fish out of freezer vans in parking lots at Carr's stores in Anchorage and Wasilla. The fund-raiser was in conjunction with a fund-raiser for the Anchorage Firefighters Local 1264.

ERA Aviaton donated three tickets to help get the Cordova fishermen to Anchorage and a Cordova fishing family donated an apartment for them to stay in.

''When we were done, a little boy about 9 or 10 years old came up and gave us $61 he got from his piggy bank. He said he didn't want any fish. That we should just take the money for the people in New York,'' Nolan said.

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