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Posted: Thursday, October 04, 2001

Thieves make running golf course even more difficult

We would like to congratulate the thieves that were able to come by our residence and break into our pro-shop and steal approximately 1,000 range balls, a large plastic garbage can and two sets of rental clubs.

The balls are yellow with two black stripes. They read "Wilson" or "Ultra Range." If any of you see anything fitting that description, please call Pat or Myrna at 262-5270 or 262-4136.

Running a golf course and driving range in a small town in Alaska is not very lucrative and very difficult. The real estate is very expensive, which makes the payments very high. You have to contend with the weather, i.e., four inches of ice this winter, a drought in May and June, record rainfall in July, but, thank God, a nice fall.

You only run this type of business because you love the game and the golfing public (who are some of the nicest and politest people in the world), plus you want to give back something to the community that you love.

Then someone steals from you and makes it that much harder to make payments, make payroll, support your family, etc. It almost makes you want to subdivide the land and sell it. You won't, though, because of the reasons stated.

In any event, to the thieves: Keep it up, with any luck you may grow up to be terrorists!

Pat Cowan, owner

Birch Ridge Golf Course


Prayers are not only ingredient in battle against terrorists


America has taken its freedom coupon book from the drawer and realized another payment is due. Our forefathers made many, our grandfathers made many, our fathers made many, and possibly many sons must now make the next one.

The coupon book will never be empty, and I'm sure many more payments will come due if we are to keep our freedoms. We will pray that God watches over us and our soldiers as the terrorists are praying for theirs. God loves all people and races. If prayers were the only answer to our success it would be very easy, but as much as prayer, teamwork, sacrifice, determination and resolve are the final ingredients.

We cannot grow cold in our resolve. We cannot whine when it comes to sacrifice. We cannot go back to business as usual. The strongest team does not always win. The one who spends the most money does not always win. If so, the Washington Redskins would not have lost a game last year. The team that wants it the most, that works together, and the team with the greatest sacrifice and resolve will win. Look at your children and let's give them their chance to win freedom for another month.

Never forget how you felt Sept. 11, 2001.

God bless America.

Dan Pankoski


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