Governor’s decision impacts many lives

Posted: Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Just a few years ago I proudly voted for Frank Murkowski. That is one vote I wish that I could recall. The governor has placed friends and family above the lives of the citizens of this state. Here is one way that has impacted me directly along with several of our Kenai neighbors.

Governor Murkowski’s Department of Labor has had to lay off numerous employees since last June. I know, because I am one who was laid off. There is currently another round of layoffs. I just heard that the governor has raised the salaries of the commissioner and six directors by an average of $29,000 per person.

How can these people accept a raise when they are the same ones that are laying off people? I had a good job as an employment counselor in Kenai but could not find comparable pay in Kenai. I had hoped to stay in Alaska for a few more years but have had to relocate. Others have not had the good fortune to have loved ones to fall back on. Still, my home, my family and my life are back in Alaska. Unfortunately, there is no job in Kenai for me.

Shame on the governor for offering these salary increases. Shame on the commissioner and directors for accepting the salaries. Good people have paid with their homes for the benefit of Gov. Murkowski and his friends. In good conscience, they should refuse the money and rehire a few of those laid off.

It is our neighbors that are loosing their jobs. It is the citizenry of Alaska that is losing the services provided by these workers. The only ones to gain are those who fired many dedicated workers due to financial problems. I am very mad that I was terminated in order to help give the commissioner a better life.

Mike McBride


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