Gas war creates hostages -- Alaskans

Posted: Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Help! Are Alaskans being held hostage?

The cost of gas nationwide has gone done 36 cents per gallon, but it has only gone down 3 to 4 cents per gallon here. Why is that? It could be that the oil companies in Alaska do not like paying into the permanent fund and by charging us more for gas, its their way of getting some of that money back. It sure looks like price fixing to me.

The oil companies also want a fixed rate on their next 30-year lease. The only way I can agree with that, is if the oil companies agree to give us a fixed 30-year rate on our gas prices. Let’s say 99 cents per gallon for the next 30 years. That seems fair to me.

If the oil companies cannot agree to that, then they should be taxed according to their profits.

We cannot blame the oil companies for these high prices. The real culprits are the stock market speculators. They are the ones who are creating these high prices. Why?

The war in Iran and Iraq costs about $1 billion per day. I feel that our government is allowing these high prices with their blessing to help pay for this war. Remember freedom is not free.

We need an immediate cost of living increase. The cost of goods and services has increased by about 15 percent over the past year, yet the minimum wage has not gone up in over two years. I feel that any time the cost of gas goes up more than 10 cent per gallon in any given three-month quarter, there should be an immediate cost of living increase to accompany this increase in gas prices instead of having to wait until the end of the year.

Exxon should not have their leases renewed until they pay what they were court ordered to pay 17 years ago. This shows a blatant disregard by Exxon for the state of Alaska and our court system.

I strongly encourage everyone to contact your congressman and representatives, whether you agree with me or not, and give them your opinions on these matters. Maybe together we can find a solution to this problem and we can stop being held hostage by Wall Street and the stock market speculators.

Jim Glazier


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