Life lesson: Friends play important role

Posted: Thursday, October 04, 2007

For most people, life is a maturing, educational process, acquiring values, living through puberty, discovering sex and the passion of courtship, getting a job, selecting a mate, sometimes having/raising children, sometimes acquiring a home, sometimes acquiring many unnecessary "toys" (big boats, sports cars, sports trucks, four-wheelers, snowmachines, airplanes, jet skis, etc) and rarely obtaining the monetary and other resources necessary for a comfortable retirement.

At some point during one's life, some introspective people may begin to realize is what about their lives is (was) really important and lasting. It was not the passion of courtship; it was not the material things they acquired; and it was not about acquisition of power or money.

What is really important, lasting and absolutely certain includes: 1) the great fortune to have selected a mate (spouse) who was or became your best friend; 2) your teaching of values, mores and a common sense approach to addressing life's problems to your children to assure their survival; 3) your personal accomplishments; 4) your good memories; and 5) the true, reciprocated friendships of which you have been blessed to have been a part.

What is a true friend? I believe it is one who accepts you as you are with all your "warts"; one who does not judge your faults; one who criticizes you only in what you believe to be a constructive manner; and one who constantly reminds you he/she is your friend by both deeds and words. Of all of life's possessions, a true friend is rare and priceless.

In these days of 50 percent-plus divorce rates, a person is truly blessed when his/her spouse is also lover, caring companion and true friend. Living one's life without being able to share these most valuable blessings of friendship must sometimes be lonely, depressing, frustrating, unfulfilling and/or downright miserable. Each of us should be a true friend to someone, and we would be a better person as a result.

Richard Hahn


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