Miller now under scrutiny

Posted: Monday, October 04, 2010

Many of us Alaskans didn t pay much attention to Joe Miller or take the time to get to know him before the primary election. Well, Joe has got our attention now! However, Joe is taking every back door he can find to evade our questions about why his talk does not match his walk.

Joe talks about transparency and yet has not disclosed his financial information or answered our questions about his past, just saying it is irrelevant. Joe won't even give direct answers to questions about his views on the issues. Every answer Joe gives is some kind of canned Constitution, less government talk that does not say a thing.

Before the primary Joe talked about ending entitlements yet Joe is one of the biggest takers; since Joe came along I have learned a lot about federal education benefits, farm subsidies and indigent licenses. Thanks Joe!

Joe talks about the Republican Party as if it is sacred and we should not use our right to write-in a candidate, yet Joe just became a Republican 13 months ago.

If Joe thinks he does not have to be transparent now what would Joe be like if elected?

Joe shouldn't be picking out a plaque for the Senate office yet because Alaskans just might get him one that reads "No Joe."

Lori Haynes, Anchorage

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