Miller deserves more respect

Posted: Monday, October 04, 2010

Love; hate; hypocrite; the lady from Soldotna who wrote concerning Joe Miller's Resume and his life story disappoints me. For some reason, someone thought by appointing him to West Point it was possible for him to be a good officer. I have known students from my state of Iowa who received this honor. It seems like he served time in the service and afterward started doing things to help take care of a growing family. There is not one mention of any crime he had committed.

Being raised in Iowa on a farm, this program to not farm a portion of your land was available to everyone in the U.S. In fact while later living in California, there were several millionaire farmers collecting huge amounts of money for not producing on land that needed to be irrigated. My father and brother being farmers, took advantage just like a million other farmers did.

Hypocrite is a very strong word. My father and mother were sincere Christians who taught their 5 children from the King James Version of the Holy Bible, which I think has been thrown out to the garbage can by our later generations. We were born before and myself right after the Great Depression. Now I would like to explain my idea of a (hypocrite) and that would be the current leader of this country. Now compare his resume against Joe Miller's: it appears that he never had a job in his life, not even at a McDonald's or anything else. I wonder who provided his drugs to try while in school.

I am proud of my school history, but he has none, yet somehow received a license as a lawyer? When you talk about government paying for an education, do a little checking on who paid for all his years in different colleges? After that, maybe we all would understand a little better the meaning of hypocrite.

When we moved to Alaska 33 years ago, I can't recall so many people living here with so much hatred in their minds.

Paul D. Morrison, Kenai

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