All-Northern Lights Conference Selections

Posted: Thursday, October 05, 2000

All-Northern Lights Conference Selections

Lineman of the Year -- Billy Moiles, Soldotna

Offensive Player of the Year -- Jeff Jackson, Kenai

Defensive Player of the Year -- Matt DeRaeve, Soldotna

Coaches of the Year -- Rob Dimick, Soldotna and Jim Beeson, Kenai

First Team


Ely Evanson Skyview Quarterback

Jeff Jackson Kenai Running Back

Geoff Nordlund Ketchikan Running Back

Shaun Williams Soldotna Wide Receiver

Ian Leach Skyview Wide Receiver

Ross Baldwin Kenai Tight End

Roy Stonecifer Soldotna Tackle

Dane Myers Kenai Tackle

Billy Moiles Soldotna Guard

Sepa Nicholas-Silvira Kenai Guard

Drew Shows Homer Center

Drew Shows Homer Kicker

Geoff Nordlund Ketchikan Return Specialist

Justin Hogue Kenai Fullback

Stryder Reilly Skyview Fullback


Shaun Williams Soldotna Defensive Back

Jeff Jackson Kenai Defensive Back

Cory Janson Kenai Defensive Back

Matt Turkington Homer Defensive Back

Billy Moiles Soldotna Interior Lineman

Justin Hogue Kenai Interior Lineman

Chris Rice Skyview Interior Lineman

Matt DeRaeve Soldotna Inside Linebacker

Sepa Nicholas-Silvira Kenai Inside Linebacker

Cason Simpson Soldotna Defensive End/Outside Linebacker

Drew Shows Homer Defensive End/Outside Linebacker

Matt Burdick Skyview Punter

Second Team


Sean Kelley, Soldotna, Running Back; Cason Simpson, Soldotna, Running Back; Ricky Simpson, Soldotna, Tight End; Ryan Staab, Skyview, Tackle; Dominic Plasencia, Kenai, Guard; Chris Fraker, homer, Guard; Wally Ward, Kenai, Kicker; Ian Leach, Skyview, Return Specialist.


Sean Kelley, Soldotna, Defensive Back; Houston Morris, Soldotna, Interior Lineman; Dominic Plasencia, Kenai, Inside Linebacker; Trevor Tompkins, Skyview, Inside Linebacker; Matt Burdick, Skyview, Defensive End/Outside Linebacker; Geoff Nordlund, Ketchikan, Defensive End/Outside Linebacker; Geoff Nordlund, Ketchikan, Punter.

Honorable Mention


Raymond Secrest, Ketchikan, Kicker; Trevor Metteer, Soldotna, Fullback; Josh Stewart, Homer, Fullback; Chris Eide, Ketchikan, Fullback; Jeff Jackson, Kenai, Return Specialist; Shaun Williams, Soldotna, Return Specialist; Paul Bacher, Homer, Return Specialist.


Todd Ghormley, Soldotna, Outside Linebacker; Brad Burck, Kenai, Outside Linebacker; Raymond Secrest, Ketchikan, Defensive End; Jarred Carslon, Soldotna, Inside Linebacker; Stryder Reilly, Skyview, Inside Linebacker; Adam Crum, Homer, Inside Linebacker; Brad Barton, Kenai, Punter; Josh Stewart, Homer, Punter.

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