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Posted: Friday, October 05, 2001

Borough officials not acting in best interests of residents

My husband and I and our neighbors recently had an experience with our illustrious Kenai Peninsula Borough Planning Commission. We paid $300 to request vacating the right of way between our home and our neighbor's home at the end of Whisperwood Street.

Due to the fact that the borough and planning commission are plotting and planning to aid and abet Hall Builders in the construction of a huge housing project behind our home, they unanimously voted us down. Not only did they vote us down, but our supposed friends and neighbors from Poppywood Subdivision, whom we supported in their endeavors, stood up and spoke against us.

When we first became aware of this subdivision, we not only thought about our street, but the residents of Poppywood and the other streets on down West Poppy, considering the fact Hall Construction purchased and developed another subdivision just across the street from Poppywood, as well as the residents of Gaswell and Jones Stub, and our school district. We didn't speak out at the meeting and say, "Don't take it down Whisperwood, keep it in Poppywood." We didn't want them coming down any of our streets.

If Hall Construction is going to build these housing projects, he should provide streets for them without imposing on other subdivisions or invading the rights and privacy of homes already in existence.

When I was in high school many years ago, I remember learning our history, and that our government was established "of the people, by the people and for the people." That is far from the truth these days with most of our elected and appointed officials.

Everything our borough government is proposing at this time, whether it be these housing projects, the prison, or whatever, it is totally to fatten a few pockets, and some of those pockets belong to some of our illustrious elected officials both on the state and local levels, at the expense of many. The people pay through the nose, in more ways than financially, for these selfish greedy decisions.

Our borough officials do not care about the people. If they did they wouldn't be making these decisions. They even try to push things through without even notifying the public, or timing these notifications at a time when people are on vacations, hunting season, holidays or whatever.

My grandmother taught us that actions speak louder than words, and I tried to teach my children that, also. What you say and what you do should be the same. I have learned through the years that a lot of elected officials talk out of two sides of their mouth. What they say is one thing, but what they actually do is totally the opposite. It will be very interesting to see the next step our elected officials take with this prison, and what happens in our situation with Hall Construction.

After our experiences this past summer with our borough, I know who not to vote for, but I am not too sure who to vote for. It was good to see in the election this week that the voters of the Kenai Peninsula Borough are making the effort to learn what and who they are voting for and make a reasonable vote, rather than voting because you are affiliated with some organization or political party. It was a wonderful feeling to pick up the paper and see how many people voted against the prison! The people have spoken. They mean what they say. Now, let's see what our people in power try to do to push it through regardless.

When most of us came to Alaska, we came here to make this our home and to get away from the bureaucracy of the Lower 48. There are so many people now who are here for the money. They make as much they can as fast as they can and then leave Alaska. Many keep their residency, many of them illegally, so they can still use their fishing and hunting licenses and privileges, longevity bonuses and permanent fund dividends. Many come here for the welfare benefits they think they will get or to establish a residence or contact person who can aid and abet them in their endeavors to collect whatever benefits Alaska has to offer while they maintain residences outside of Alaska.

We live here. This is our home. Our local government is trying to force things upon us, expenses we cannot afford and to impose living standards that we don't want. We came here to get away from the Lower 48, but they have brought it up here with them. I love Alaska. It is the Last Frontier, and what our elected officials and a lot of money-hungry, greedy individuals are trying to do is shameful.

Judy Gaudinier


Terrorist attack was no surprise; next one won't be either

The Sept. 11 tragedy is no surprise to me. I knew this was bound to happen sooner or later, and the U.S. government is strictly the one to blame for this tragedy.

Our government sits back and waits until a major tragedy like this happens before it takes any action. I noticed after the Sept. 11 tragedy the FBI, CIA and NSA started rounding up hundreds of people who they claim were either directly or indirectly involved with the Sept. 11 hijackings. My question is this, why were these several hundred suspects running around all over the U.S. and not being investigated by these government agencies before this tragedy?

It didn't take these agencies but just a few hours to know all about the hijackers and their accomplices. This is a sad situation. Security is very lax in our country, and especially at our airports. However, this is not a surprise to me either. The wages paid these security workers at our airports are comparable to McDonald's wages, so what else can we expect?

Lawsuits will be forthcoming on a massive scale against the U.S. government for this un-warranted tragedy, and the government is in the process of now preparing for such massive lawsuits by allegedly bailing out the airline companies for some $15 billion dollars, which the airline companies now claim they have lost in revenue in less than one week.

Every major company in the United States is now getting on the government's bandwagon. It is like a domino effect claiming this tragedy has caused their companies to lay off thousands of people from their jobs and billions lost in revenue.

Personally, I am not waiting around for the U.S. government to furnish me and my family protection from a chemical or biological attack. My suggestion to all the American people is, don't sit back wait for your federal government to furnish every family in the United States of America protective garments such as gas masks and other related items to protect against a chemical or biological attack on the people by these terrorists. This situation will be forthcoming and will be nothing compared to the Sept. 11 tragedy. These attacks could happen at any given time, even right here in Alaska. Alaska had better start beefing up its security around the state.

May God bless America.

James Bounds


Bannock sets excellent example

As a resident of Kenai, I would like to thank Duane Bannock for having the courage to give this community a choice. As Duane's sister-in-law, I would like to thank him for his example of courage to the children of his family. It takes a special person to stay true to his moral and political convictions.

It takes courage to believe in a cause and fight hard to advance that cause. I am not talking about the prison issue -- that was never Duane's cause. I am talking about making Kenai a better place for my daughter and nephews by being concerned for our youth and their future. I am talking about injecting the local economy with, not just millions in federal money, but also with thousands in small business. I am talking about Duane's courage to be truthful about and to voice his political views. I am talking about running a mud-free campaign.

For all the above, I am proud that my children know Duane Bannock as "Uncle."

Linda Stimaker


War not only solution

Re: War should not be first and only solution from Kenneth Tarbox.

He said it very well; I'm not the only one who thinks the same.

Cheri Edwards


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