Reader: Just you wait

Posted: Thursday, October 05, 2006

Regarding the Sept. 17 editorial, “Unlimited property tax exemption needs to go-now” (or, which should have been entitled: “Clarion demands open season on geezers”).

Hey, Clarion, I know where where are some old people you can abuse. You can kick their walker or tip over their chair. Have fun. Beat up on them all you like. Take out all your frustrations on them. They can’t fight back.

Oh, that’s obscene you say? Well, let me tell you what is obscene: 1. Thousands of foreign and outside workers employed by Alaska companies. None of whom pay taxes to the State of Alaska. 2. The mega-profits taken by oil companies who pump Alaska crude. 3. Foreign precious metals mining companies that “fly under the radar,” paying less than 2 percent in profit taxes.

Oh, there’s plenty of money for government elsewhere, but in spite of this you want to target the elderly. You want to take their means to some dignity and comfort in their last years just to grease the machinery of political ambition. And you say it isn’t fair. Just you wait.

Frustrated by her limitations, my little granddaughter said to me, “Poppy, I wish I was old like you.” I said to her, “Sweetheart, please don’t wish such a thing. You will be old like me soon enough.”

You see, Clarion editors, there’s one thing about aging that you need to remember: There’s a lot of it going around and you’re not immune. Just you wait.

Norm Olson


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