Poet’s Corner

The First Day

Posted: Thursday, October 05, 2006

Kiss me sweet child, you are off today,

Winging out of my arms.

Newly shod feet walk away,

Carrying you to new heights of knowledge.

The quiet you leave behind is awesome...

Yesterday’s diapers, the lonely crayons,

The untouched toy box

Your dog watches the door, waiting and whining ...

Your mother thinks, Dreams: Of pig tails,

Penny banks, Pinafores; Pondering the first date,

A walk home from school —

Heaven forbid the drive-in movies!

My love is sent to shelter your innocence,

Strengthen your satin bowed stature.

You leave me, sparkling with expectancy,

Static in your greed to know.

How voracious your appetite!

Make them feed you, demand that they nourish you!

Your crying dolls call me, Mother, she comes, she comes!

She walks down the leaf covered lane, she sings!

Let the dog out, let his muddy feet trample her

With loving hellos.

Kiss me sweet child, I missed you!

How was your day?

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