Dual office not an issue

Posted: Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I am writing to express my displeasure with your Oct. 1 story, "Kenai voters could test new borough ordinance."

Four days before the election you decide to inform the public? And if you are claiming Kenai city council member Hal Smalley will not be able to hold both offices, then you are misinforming the public. That is legally undecided yet. What happened to all those claims by borough assembly member Paul Fisher and others that the borough ordinance wouldn't affect any current members?

Over the years I have supported and defended the Clarion from "bad media" charges. No more. Starting with the MAPS rezone issue thru the hospital fiasco, capped off by this latest move, you have lost my support. I don't know whose interests you are supporting, but they are not mine and I don't believe they are the general public's either. I am tired of being marginalized by people and entities I have supported in the past. You marginalize enough of your little supporters and your foundation will crumble. Cancel my subscription.

Mark Schrag, Kenai

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