Not jaded: Local man supports the system

Posted: Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Tom Walker supports the political process.

Photo By M. Scott Moon
Photo By M. Scott Moon
Tom Walker is happy to give both of Kenai's mayoral candidates a little exposure on his front lawn in Kenai. He joked about the remote chance he had at swaying anyone's vote either way.

That's why the retired Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association planner has multiple candidate signs in his yard on Pine Street in Kenai -- and two different ones for the same seat.

"They both came by and they both had signs and I generally support the process and I thought the more signs the better," Walker said about his signs for Pat Porter and Mike Boyle, who are both running for Kenai Mayor. "I didn't really think anyone would be influenced in their vote with the signs on my lawn."

Walker has been on the Central Kenai Peninsula since 1980 so he's seen more than a few municipal elections.

He said he tries to vote in all the elections because it's right and a responsibility to do so.

"Apart from whoever you happen to support I think people who are willing to go out there and put their name in the public and stand for election deserve some respect for their willingness to do it," Walker said. "I may vote for one and not for the other but I respect both of them for their willingness to get out there and work."

In his yard he has the signs for Boyle, Porter and Kenai City Council candidate Terry Bookey. Walker said anyone that came by his house could put his or her signs up.

"Those were the only three that came by my door," he said.

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