Service area board openings filled -- mostly

Posted: Friday, October 06, 2000

Service area board vacancies grabbed voters' attention in the Tuesday Kenai Peninsula Borough municipal election, even if they did not grab the attention of potential candidates.

Eighteen peninsula residents ran as formal candidates for 15 board vacancies. One individual, Stan Gerhauser, ran for Seat F on the Nikiski Fire Service Area Board and Seat B on the North Peninsula Recreation Service Area Board. Six board seats had no candidates. The board seats accounted for a total of 12,258 votes; 298 of those were write-ins.

Appointments will be made for boards that lacked candidates and will be up for grabs again in the borough's next regular election in October 2001.

Board training for the new service area board members is scheduled for Nov. 18, according to Ed Oberts, assistant to Borough Mayor Dale Bagley.

Following are the winning service area board candidates:

Anchor Point Fire Service Area board: Joe Tracy, Seat A, two-year term, 59.18 percent of the vote; Jim Pastro, Seat C, three-year term, 63.88 percent of the vote; Robert W. Craig, Seat D, three-year term, 91.67 percent of the vote.

Central Peninsula Hospital Service Area board: Susan Jelsma, Seat E, three-year term, 98.10 percent of the vote;

Joint Operations Board for Central Peninsula Emergency Medical Service Area and Central Emergency: Robin E. Pennington, Seat A, one-year term, 98.44 percent of the vote; James E. Chambers, Seat D, three-year term, 98.60 percent of the vote;

Nikiski Fire Service Area board: Stan Gerhauser, Seat F, three-year term, 96.86 percent of the vote; Louis F. Oliva, Seat G, three-year term, 97.83 percent of the vote;

Nikiski Senior Service Area board: Denise G. Anderson, Seat A, three-year term, 61.89 percent of the vote;

North Peninsula Recreation Service Area board: Paul P. Lorenzo, Seat B, one-year term, 58.11 percent of the vote; Peter F. Mysing, Seat C, three-year term, 96.06 percent of the vote; Beth Ann Jones, Seat D, three-year term, 96.40 percent of the vote;

South Peninsula Hospital Service Area board: Julie Woodworth, Seat A, three-year term, 98.17 percent of the vote; Eileen R. Bechtol, Seat B, three-year term, 95.52 percent of the vote; Larry W. McRae, Seat C, three-year term, 97.79 percent of the vote.

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