Refuting Obama falacies

Posted: Wednesday, October 06, 2010

In his letter to the Peninsula Clarion (Oct. 4), "Miller deserves more respect," Paul D. Morrison expresses disappointment in the "lady from Soldotna" for suggesting that U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller is a hypocrite for accepting a government farm subsidy for his own personal benefit while campaigning against government payouts, including Social Security and government unemployment insurance extensions.

The "lady from Soldotna" didn't say Joe Miller did anything illegal, just hypocritical. I think there are plenty of us who would agree with her.

I'm disappointed too, that Mr. Morrison who claims to be committed to the principles of the "King James Version of the Holy Bible," has such a loose regard for factual information.

In his letter he implies that President Obama is a hypocrite, and yet he offers no example to support that accusation.

He writes that Mr. Obama "never had a job in his life, not even at a McDonald's or anything else," even when the facts show that Mr. Obama worked as a civil rights attorney in Chicago and went on to teach Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago.

Mr. Morrison tells us he is proud of his school history, but that Mr. Obama has none. What is that supposed to mean?

Mr. Morrison asks us to "do a little checking on who paid for all his (Obama's) years in different colleges." That's simple enough. The facts show Mr. Obama's education was paid for with scholarships and student loans. The payment history on those loans is also available to anyone interested in factual information.

It's OK that Mr. Morrison doesn't like the current President, but it's not OK to write things that aren't true. Anyone who can use a computer can use one of the many "fact checkers" available.

And finally, Mr. Morrison offers himself as an example of the teachings of the King James Bible, and wonders why "our later generations" seem to be less willing to subscribe to those guiding principles.

There is a word for saying things that aren't true. Mr. Morrison can probably figure that one out.

Bob Correia, Kasilof

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