Legislator mails out sex book drawings to alert parents to material

Posted: Sunday, October 07, 2001

ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Rep. Joe Green has mailed out packages to voters that contain photocopied cartoons of people masturbating and having sex.

Green said the 2,300 packages he sent out are a way of alerting parents about ''It's Perfectly Normal,'' a controversial book at Anchorage elementary and middle school libraries.

Twenty-five copies of the award-winning book are shelved in 16 school libraries.

The book discusses such topics as sex, homosexuality and birth control. The text is illustrated by drawings that some call pornographic and others call appropriate.

Some parents complained about the book, and last spring asked the district to take it off elementary library shelves. A review committee voted 10-3 last month to maintain free access to the book and passed its decision on to Superintendent Carol Comeau.

Comeau sided with the parents Wednesday. The book exceeds the district's sex ed curriculum and is too graphic for grade school kids, she said. Comeau advised that it be kept as a resource for parents and teachers and available to kids with parental permission. It would remain in the general collection in middle schools.

The School Board meets Monday to hear public comment and make its ruling.

Green chose 11 illustrations to copy and mail along with a letter saying he considers the book ''far too explicit for the younger minds'' and encouraged people to attend the board meeting Monday.

He had it wrapped in a cover sheet emblazoned ''Warning! Adult material enclosed!'' and mailed the package to supervoters, those who rarely miss an election.

''The entire purpose was to alert parents as to what was there,'' Green, a South Anchorage Republican, told the Anchorage Daily News. ''This is the kind of thing the public needs to get involved in.''

Green expects some people will be disgusted by the drawings. But he chose pictures to prove his concern, he said.

''It's coming to you as an adult,'' Green said. ''This is what your child could go look at. I didn't try and sway anybody; I just wanted them to see what was available.''

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