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Posted: Sunday, October 07, 2001

An open letter to borough assembly member Paul Fischer

During your tenure as my elected representative, I have had occasion to solicit information from you or your office concerning various issues before the assembly. Most recently, I requested information from you about the fast-tracking of the prison issue. I'm offended that you or your office did not choose to respond to my requests for information. Representatives from outside my area did respond when queried and were very helpful.

In the last couple of days, I received letters from you. I'm offended that these letters mention the tragedy of Sept. 11 as some excuse for not paying attention to the upcoming election.

You go on to remind us that in 1978, you were supposed to be a principal player in providing a $10,000 borough property tax exemption. Does that tell us about your actions since?

You tell us that borough land provided to nonprofits does not add tax money to the borough.

Local nonprofits provide much needed services in our community that vastly improve quality of life for all residents of the community. Are you not supportive?

As to your ill-timed request for my vote, I'm looking for a person to be a representative. I hope after the election I have one.

Paul Zimmerman


Area defense forces prepare, looking for new recruits

Sept. 11, 2001. The World Trade Center terrorists attacked the people of this great country. Volunteers came from all walks of life to aid those in need.

We in Alaska should be ready to withstand all terrorists everywhere as well as disasters like fire, floods, earthquake etc. Emergency response teams are ready to do their part, but the needs are great and every department needs volunteers trained to answer the call in this great land.

On Sept. 22-23, there was a training exercise to meet this challenge at the Kenai Fire Training Center.

The forces of the Kenai borough's Army National Guard, Alaska State Defense Force, Young Marines and Air Cadets joined in a drill to save hostages at the fire training center to see what it was like to engage an enemy like terrorists.

After the exercise, all troops went through a debriefing. This brings out the weak spots and gives the troops information that may be useful in the future.

The Young Marines and Air Cadets did well and paid attention to the Army National Guard drill instructors. Later they got a chance to fire blanks from many types of weapons, under the watchful eyes of the Army National Guard. The Young Marines and Aid Cadets advisers were there to help them with the training.

The parents should be proud of these young people. They show pride in country and will make good citizens in the years to come.

Recruits are needed. If you would like more information on what you can do, call:

Alaska Army National Guard, 283-7885; Alaska State Defense Force, 283-7514; Young Marines, 260-7640; Air Cadets, 283-7801.

Raymond P. VinZant


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