Reader: Justice was served

Posted: Friday, October 07, 2005

Regarding “Applause for Supporting Forster, Family” letter (Clarion, Sept. 29), justice was definitely served with the Forster sentence, as good as can be expected under existing law.

Supporting his family during the last 21 months with housing, meals and more as the letter writer described was an admirable demonstration of friendship, as his actions were obviously not his family’s fault.

I will continue to do my part in supporting Forster for as much of the next 99 years or so that I can by providing meals, housing and much more with no complaints and no ill will for his family.

The result of Forster’s actions speaks volumes about him. I didn’t really know him until that night two years ago, but I worked with Officer John Watson for almost 20 years before that. I knew John to be a dedicated, honest, reliable, fair-minded man filled with integrity and an ability to find ways to diffuse confrontational situations safely, reasonably and with little or no force. I’d seen him do it.

For those that “really know Forster,” enjoy the time you have with him on visitation days.

For those of us who really know John Watson, we’ll never forget we can’t visit him face to face, but we can honor him by always remembering him and his family. My support for the Watson family will be forever, with the wish that I could do more.

One thing I will never do is feel any pity for Forster. Unfortunately, many of us are bound to remember him, as briefly as possible, every Christmas.

Scott Walden


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