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Posted: Thursday, October 07, 2010


By Roxanne Y. Marker

The raven sits upon his tree with leaves so gold they glitter.

He sings out loud his harvest song "It's time to prepare for Winter."

He sings to all creatures' small and great. "Harvest all you can now before Earth hibernates.

For we are falling into autumn what a sight to behold, but soon these beautiful colors will be blanketed by snow."

Every creature in the forest stopped and listened, they couldn't believe their ears. The raven was right; it's been chilly at night. A sure sign that Winter was near.

The ducks, the swans and geese they gathered at the lake. The raven's song meant there was no time to waste. They all spread their wings to fly south, to migrate.

Moose, and the deer, the elk and caribou, heard the raven's song and they instantly knew. Time was now to graze all that was green, for once the snow falls lush grasses would not be seen.

Squirrels, black bears and grizzlies alike, started sprucing up their dens for the long winter nights. They gathered grasses to lie on, nuts and berries to eat. Worked hard all autumn until they were beat.

Every creature in the forest was thankful they had heard the raven's song. Because of him, they were ready even if the Winter was long.

The raven sits upon his tree encased in frost so thick it glistens.

He sings out loud his winter song, but not a creature is there to listen.

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