Will California voters notice any difference?

Posted: Thursday, October 09, 2003

This is not a bad movie. It's the reality of what happens when a bland and unpopular governor meets a Hollywood action hero promising to blow up a corrupt and aloof culture in Sacramento. ...

In the 1972 film, ''The Candidate,'' Robert Redford, playing Senate candidate Bill McKay, delivered the memorable election-night line, ''What do we do now?''

Many Californians may be waking up this morning with a similar blend of amazement and uncertainty about their new governor. Schwarzenegger cloaked himself in generalities throughout the campaign. He talked broadly about creating an administration more receptive to business concerns as a way to keep jobs in the state while fending off other special interests who are draining the state budget. Much of his agenda remains a blank slate. ...

While Schwarzenegger ran against the status quo, his effectiveness as governor may depend on how well he can work with legislators of both parties. He need look no further than the history of another outsider-actor, Ronald Reagan, in mastering Sacramento more than three decades ago. ...

San Francisco Chronicle

Oct 8

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