Insects, snakes and politicians

Posted: Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Your “What bit me?” article subtitled, “A New Guide Helps Identify Insects” in the Outdoors section of your newspaper (Sept. 22) would have been a perfect headline for some of the speakers at the recent UN gathering, and the story on page A-7 about Venezuela President Chavez’s speech in a New York Harlem church.

When Chavez addressed the UN, he called President Bush “the devil” and his policies in Iraq “criminal.” To the church in Harlem, New York, however, he claimed “the American people are our friends” and was applauded.

I guess the congregation chose to ignore the unforgettable symbolic Sunday school lesson. The one about the little girl and a snake.

To refresh memories, this is the story: The snake appeals to the kind-hearted girl by telling her he is tired and asks her to pick up and carry him. She remembers a warning about snakes. “No, you will bite me.” He promises not to bite. “Why would I bite someone who tries to help me?” “You really promise not to bite?” The snake promises, crosses his heart. Her good nature allows her to relent and pick up the snake and carry him to where he wants to go. When they arrive, his fangs sink deep in her arm. “You promised not to bite me!” she cried out. “Yes, but after all, I am a snake, and you knew I was a snake when you picked me up.”

Delphia Nelson

North Kenai

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