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All juices are not equal

Posted: Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Healthful eating includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. What about juice? Check the label.

Fruit flavor in a juice doesn't mean fruit nutrition. The label "100 percent fruit juice" is the key to getting fruit nutrition. Beverages labeled fruit drink, fruit cocktail, or fruitade may contain added sugars which often replace fruit nutrition. These added sugars may also increase the calories.

Another healthful choice is beverages that have added nutrition. Often these beverages have the same amount of particular vitamins as juices. At the same time these nutrition-enhanced fruit beverages may not contain other important vitamins and minerals, so include them as part of you fruit juice routine, not as a substitute. The key is to check the label to get the product you're looking for.

This tip was provided by Kelley Steen, clinical dietitian at Central Peninsula Hospital, courtesy of the American Dietetic Association's public relations team.

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