Why can't U.S. also drop food, medicine on Iraq?

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Posted: Thursday, October 11, 2001

Remarkably, some U.S. planes are dropping food and medicine for desperate people, while other U.S. planes are dropping bombs on the military facilities of their rulers. The bomb-'em-and-feed-'em strategy in Afghanistan may be a first.

We hope this humanitarian relief for hungry Afghan refugees convinces the world's 1 billion Muslims that America isn't waging war on Islam. ...

Meanwhile, the food-and-medicine airlift raises another possibility: Why can't America do the same for desperate Iraqi families still dying in the wake of the Gulf War? ...

However, after Saddam invaded Kuwait and threatened America's oil supply, President Bush the First waged the Gulf War against him, then obtained extreme sanctions against his defeated country.

Ever since, the sanctions have caused horrible suffering. They have little effect on Iraq's military despots, but they devastate common people. A UNICEF report last year said between 5,000 and 6,000 Iraqi children die every month because the embargo keeps food and medicine from them. ...

The U.S. embargo never was intended to starve children to death. It was designed to force Saddam to cooperate with international arms inspections -- but it failed.

Why can't America drop food and medicine to the miserable Iraqi people? As in Afghanistan, this would show that America's quarrel is with military tyrants, not with families who are their victims.

-- The Charleston (W.Va.) Gazette

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