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Posted: Friday, October 11, 2002

Hawkins right about permanent fund; he deserves consideration

Pat Hawkins gets my vote. He shot from the hip and told us the truth about the permanent fund. Many didn't listen and went along with the words from the other guy.

Now we know something has to be done and something will be done. Want to stay with the obstructionist or go with someone who will work to protect the fund?

You may not agree with all Pat says, but he is totally honest and no one will work harder for the people of the Kenai.

Listen to what he says and give his candidacy some thought.

Hal Rohlman, Sterling

Thoughts on First Amendment freedoms and gracious winners

So Dale Bagley said to the Clarion, "Since the Clarion endorsed Lancaster, I guess you can get your comments from him," and then hung up the phone?

And some letter writers seem surprised and upset that the Clarion endorses particular candidates?

A little history for these people: Since 1791, the U.S. Constitution has protected the freedom of the press. Those of us who have traveled outside of the western democracies have seen how important this protection is. American newspapers have a long history of endorsing the candidates. One hundred years ago, when most cities had several newspapers, many publishers were blatantly Republican or Democratic. Or Federalist, Democratic Republican or Whig, before that. More recently, newspapers have continued that tradition but in a nonpartisan manner, endorsing those candidates that they, through their research and in their opinion, feel are the most qualified. As is the norm, the Clarion does this in their editorial section, not as news.

These people getting upset at the Clarion for not picking their candidate illustrate the value of student body government elections in elementary schools. It lets people learn how to handle their emotions in a more mature way as they move on to become upstanding 11-year-old citizens.

"Suzie is more popular," and "Bobby likes me better" belong on the playground, not in civil government. So let's stop this childish behavior by an elected official and his supporters.

Darn that pesky First Amendment to the Constitution -- freedom of the press and freedom of speech, among other -- it applies to all people, not just government officials.

It takes a modest amount of maturity and a tiny bit of wisdom to be a gracious loser. Too bad our borough mayor can't even be a gracious winner.

David Thomas, Kenai

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