President wasn't alone; whole world convinced Saddam had weapons What others say

Posted: Monday, October 11, 2004

They were wrong. Hindsight isn't always 20-20.

Sometimes hindsight is totally blind.

With a new report indicating again that Saddam

Hussein apparently didn't have the weapons of mass destruction the world thought he did, the Bush administration will be attacked for not knowing then what we know now.

How silly is that?

The United Nations was convinced that Saddam

Hussein had them. There were actual inventories of them on file. Intelligence agencies around the world confirmed that not only did Saddam have such weapons, he was constantly seeking more including nuclear capabilities.

With Saddam's historical use of such weapons, and his ties to terror being as clear as the blue sky he made no secret of paying rewards to the families of suicide bombers could a U.S. president take the chance of leaving Saddam Hussein in power after Sept. 11?

Hindsight says yes that Saddam was not the threat he appeared to be.

But that's hindsight. And it's blind to the facts.

Everyone believed he had those weapons. Furthermore, we knew for certain Saddam Hussein was a madman. He was a mass murderer. He was a warmonger and a threat not only to his neighbors, but to the entire Mideast and, increasingly, the world.

And, not incidentally, the world community was less than united in isolating him: The burgeoning oil-for-food scandal is revealing that a number of countries and companies around the globe were defying U.N. sanctions and enriching Saddam illegally. Countries such as France were on the take; they were on this madman's payroll. There's no other way to put it.

And we're supposed to be upset with George W. Bush and a coalition of some 30 nations for doing something about it?

Not from where we sit.

Augusta Chronicle - Oct. 9

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