Drop the iPod and drive

Posted: Monday, October 11, 2010

In 2008 Alaska passed a law that made texting and driving illegal. Being a teenage driver this topic is brought up a lot in arguments and discussions, but I don't think it ends with texting. I believe that drivers are focusing less on driving and more on what they can be doing while driving.

With the new advances in vehicle safe technology, it is supposed to be making driving safer for the consumer. But I find it is only giving them more play with. New cars now come equipped with blue tooth installed in the cars and a cord that will connect your iPod to your stereo. This is all great if you know how to use the device and are not fidgeting with it while driving. In personal experiences, I have witnessed drivers become so mesmerized in searching for a song on their iPod, they often forget they are actually diving a vehicle.

What happened to the days when people simply listened to music safely and stayed attentive to what was happening in front of them? It seems to me people are trying to make up the time they are losing driving by doing more than driving itself.

When you are talking on the phone, eating a sandwich, writing a shopping lists and changing the song on your iPod, don't you think you are risking the lives of others by not paying attention to the road?

Shalene Wheeler


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