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Posted: Thursday, October 12, 2000

Nader should be included in presidential debates

Ralph Nader should be included in the upcoming presidential debates. It doesn't matter whether you support Nader for president, and it isn't a question of whether Al Gore or George W. Bush will be helped or hurt most if Nader shares the stage with them. It's a question of democracy.

Voters deserve a real choice. They deserve a robust debate before they cast their ballot. There is no justification for keeping Nader out of the debates. He will be on the ballot in virtually every state. He's a nationally known candidate who has spent decades successfully pushing for legislation that opens up government and protects consumers.

On many issues, there is little difference between Gore and Bush. For example, both support expanding American involvement in global trade organizations. Nader believes such organizations reduce American sovereignty and threaten the environment and workplace conditions. We deserve a real debate and choice on this and other key issues.

The commission on debates recommended including only candidates who receive 15 percent of the vote in polls. This is not surprising: The commission was composed of Democrats and Republicans only, and the two parties want to keep their stranglehold on our democracy. How is a candidate from another party to get 15 percent in the polls unless the American people see him matched up against Bush and Gore? What are the Democrats and Republi-cans afraid of?

Everyone committed to true democracy should make their voices heard and call for the inclusion of Ralph Nader in the debates.

Helen K. Tirrell


Most vendors to city of Kenai likely satisfied with relationship

Your story about the city of Kenai not buying locally was peculiar. As owner of both Kenai Office Systems and Copy Cats Printing, I have continually provided services to several city offices, but not all of them.

We are one of many who sell and service office equipment or provide printing to city offices. While I'd like to be the city's sole supplier of all that I sell, I realize that some city managers may prefer to deal with others. And that's OK.

They may have different perceptions of value or preferences in personalities. And that, too, is OK.

It's my guess that most folks supplying goods and services to the city are satisfied with their relationships.

Dustin Aaronson, owner,

Kenai Office Systems

Copy Cats Printing

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