Posted: Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Oh brother, John is at work and well it is not easy for him to sit down at the one computer out there to type his story. I have to get him a laptop. He thought maybe you would like to hear about one of the first times he took me fishing and I thought we would never make it home. It was shortly after we met (or was it shortly after we got married - man 20 years is a long time) and John thought it might be fun to take me fishing on the backwaters of the Missouri River by Lake Sakakawea. It was a rather nice day to start off with as I remember. It was one of the few times John has taken me fishing that we didn't catch anything. The bugs were horrible and we spent more time swatting them than fishing. When it was time to go back what do you think but the motor wouldn't start. Due to my husband's wonderful ingenuity he decided to be a macho guy and pull the boat through to the landing. Oh man I didn't know if we were ever going to get home. I got to sit in the boat and swat bugs while John looked like some kind of river rat with only his head above water at times. He reminded me of Humphrey Bogart in The African Queen, and all I could think of is having to pull leeches off of him when (or if) we got out of the lake. Of course he did have the advantage of not having the bugs bothering him as much. Well needless to say we finally made it to the landing, how long did it take us you ask, I don't know but it was dark when we reached the landing and I remember being very happy about it.

This is just one example of my husband's determination and the importance of improvising. You see, Lake Sakakawea can be very unpredictable and had John not gotten us off the lake when he did we may have been lost in a sudden storm that so often occurs there. Another time one of the guys John was going fishing with brought the wrong fuel tank for the motor they were using. Well it was too far to go home and get the right one and get back in time to get some fishing done. Man was there a boatload of disappointed kids. Well once again John decided to do something different and paddled the gang out with a stick and a landing net. This time they were successful and caught a bunch of Kokanee to bring home. Of course he then had to "paddle back" with his makeshift paddles.

It just goes to show how thick the fishing blood runs in my family. John certainly passed this thickness on to our son Travis. After all day fishing on Elephant Lake, John asked Travis if he was ready to head home. Travis replied, "Yep". John asked, "Are you ready to go see Mom?" Travis said, "Yeah, but then we can get our nets and go Hooligan fishing!" I think he has created a fishing monster already. However I would much rather Travis cultivate healthy hobbies like hunting and fishing than some of the other types that kids get into these days. Well enough of my rambling, hopefully John will get to a computer and he will see you next week.

See you next week!

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