Long-time Republican thinking of voting Democrat

Posted: Thursday, October 12, 2006

What a confusing state of mind I am in. I have been a long time republican. (1972) I went to the polls during the recent primary and voted for Palin. I was voting out Murkoski more than voting in favor of Palin.

Now I am confused, I knew Murkowski wasn’t what I thought the state of Alaska needed, or needs. I now realize Palin is riding on a negative vote against Murkoski, not on her politics. (or lack of)

I have never voted for a democrat in my life, but I am starting to look at Tony Knowles. I sure felt betrayed after Murkoski got into office. If I only new I could have voted for Fran Ulmer. I guess voting party line isn’t like it used to be. I think they all like to have their own personal agenda and not the public interest in mind. Are the special interest groups more of a factor than we are led to believe? One nice thing about getting older, you get smarter.

Rich Mondor


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