No excuse for reckless driving that cost family its pet

Posted: Thursday, October 12, 2006

On Thursday, Sept. 28, our dog was hit and killed on Green Forest Drive. Our neighbors thankfully called us and notified us, but the whole incident caused immediate concern. We live on a rural area, outside of Kenai, in an area everyone allows their animals to go off of their leashes. There is no “Animal Control.” This is not uncommon, and its why most folks live out here. I realize, that some of you are thinking, “it wasn’t chained up, so whats the problem, its your fault.” Here is my problem. This animal was part of our family, and it really ticks me off that some idiot hit and killed him without even STOPPING. This area has children, other animals, and the speed limit on the main road is 25 mph on Ord.

However, driving down Green Forest, most do not drive that fast just because of the area having a concentration of animals and kids. Some heartless individual hit our dog and left him to die. Had they been more caring, they would have stopped, and looked for us. Or, possibly even taken him to the vet for immediate care. None of the above was done.

SLOW DOWN from now on, and stop driving like maniacs down our road! The next person I see driving recklessly down our road, is going to be reported to the police. Your lucky you did not hit a child on a bike! You hit our animal, and just drove on by like it meant nothing apparently. Shame on YOU. People like you need to have their licenses yanked permanently, period. Yes, from now on, unlike our other neighbors, we are going to chain up our next dog when he is out to do his business because we do not wish to lose another so violently. The only piece of solace we have is that Karma is great, you will get yours two fold for this horrible act. I hope you feel like dirt after reading this. Unbelievable!

Kara Steele


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