Mileage perks don't make sense

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, October 12, 2007

I worked for the feds for 11 years and on occasion had a few chances to fly for training, but not as much as most.

A little known fact is that federal employees accumulate miles on their mileage plans that do not have to be reverted back to the government, so those who get to write their own tickets get to fly again later on their vacations on miles without having them reported. For those who got to fly a lot, we few that only got some training Outside watched as they racked up hundreds of air miles.

Why are these miles used for future training flights, who knows. Probably those who write the rules don't want to lose those perks.

Also the rates for government employees flying are much higher than those you and I can obtain. Why doesn't the government and the airlines strike a deal to save us money instead of looking for those deep pockets of the American taxpayer?

This is the deal the government negotiated for us as taxpayers and, of course, the airlines won't balk at a higher rate.

Shouldn't we be trying harder to save tax money than spend it? I guess it doesn't matter anyway. They'll just spend it elsewhere on some pork project like VECO or a politician. Maybe we could tax their free air miles.


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