Voting for McAdams

Posted: Friday, October 08, 2010

Scott McAdams is the U.S. Senate candidate in the best position to support Alaska's children and Alaska's schools.

As a former school board member myself, I know how difficult and complex the issues are. Slogans and sound bites will not improve our schools or help our students. McAdams is the only candidate with actual experience on a local school board, and, as past president of the Alaska Association of School Boards, he is familiar with the problems and issues facing every school district in Alaska.

In particular, McAdams has identified the problems with No Child Left Behind and is prepared to work in the Senate for local control of Alaska Schools. McAdams is an Alaskan dad who already has dedicated his life to education and youth activities, as a coach, a teacher, and as a leader. Instead of getting caught up in the media circus of negative campaigning, McAdams is talking about clear, sensible policies to liberate Alaska's schools from the stranglehold of NCLB and to enable children to get the best education possible.

In contrast, Lisa Murkowski, the write-in candidate, has spent the past year working to cement her position as a member of the just-say-no Senate Republican leadership that has blocked progress on every front. Now she wants to run both the right, to convince Miller voters she is just as conservative as they are, and to the left, to convince Democratic voters that she is really a moderate. She cannot have it both ways, and she cannot win as a write-in.

Scott McAdams is fond of saying that if you have not served your local community you should not be able to run for the Senate. As Mayor of Sitka, McAdams is the real deal: a down to earth, honest and straight forward Alaskan.

The most important issues to our families -- issues that affect us every day -- are at stake in the choice we make for the U.S. Senate. Don't vote for someone who will support the right-wing republican ideology in the U.S. Senate. Don't vote against someone, vote for Scott McAdams.

Jane G. Haigh, Kenai

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