Clarion's story about man's death shows no compassion for family

Posted: Monday, October 13, 2003

Once again the Clarion scores zero on the mercy test!

This letter is in regard to your article about my brother, Robert Burns' tragic vehicle accident. I'm not writing this letter to avenge my brother's character, my brother had a lot of problems, but I am writing this letter because it appears you (the Peninsula Clarion) have no regard for the grief of his loved ones.

I've heard it said that alcohol is a disease. That's a lie, but alcohol is a terrible addiction used by Satan himself to steal, kill and destroy. Alcohol has a way of grabbing hold of a person and sucking the very life out of your being and the lives of those around you. I know, I battled that addiction for over 10 years and it almost killed me, too.

My brother had a wife and three teenage children whom he loved very much and his addiction grieved him. My brother's children and the friends of those children know how to read and now, thanks to you, they have one last memory of their loving father.

Last year a man by the name of Tom Harbick died tragically in a car accident and you reported that he was driving erratically before the accident implying that alcohol was involved. Who cares? Wasn't his dying enough? I praise his daughter's friend who wrote a letter to the editor defending her friend's father. Thank you, Shayna!

I'm not disputing the accuracy of your article. I am questioning your motive why you felt so compelled to give as many details as you did to paint one last picture of a dead man? Was it all in the name of news?

The Bible says of Jesus: "Whom the Son sets free is free indeed." I know this to be true because six years ago He set me free from my addiction to drugs and alcohol, and I know He was working on my brother, and I also know my brother was trying to let Him. My brother also knew that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, and through my brother's problems, I know he knew that.

I have a hope. I hope that my brother, with all the truth he had, had allowed Jesus Christ into his life and that when I get to Heaven I'm going to see my brother there because although failing at times, he was trying. I cling to that hope.

I'm not sure about you. If your reasons for having no compassion and no mercy are to sell a couple more newspapers then I pity you. I feel sorry for you, and I pray you change your ways.

In memory of a loved one, Frank Wolaver, Nikiski

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