Low turnout shows people take their right to vote too lightly

Posted: Monday, October 13, 2003

What do you teach your children when you don't vote? I was utterly ashamed to find that out of 23,432 voters on the peninsula only 19 to 20 percent of said voters went to the polls to cast their ballot.

My reference mainly has to do with Proposition 2 in which the voters allowed our borough to take on the debt of $49.9 million in general obligation bonds to pay for the expansion plan for the hospital.The travesty here is that out of 23,432 voters only 4,790 votes were cast with 2,552 voting "yes" and 2,238 voting "no" a margin of 314 votes.

I was and still am against the borough funding the addition onto the local hospital with the monetary burden laying at the feet of the homeowner in the form of taxes. It's a never-ending story when the government local or otherwise needs money who winds up paying for it? You and me, that's who!

I don't need hindsight to tell you that if the governor and the legislators deem it necessary to tell the people of this community that they are going to have to give up their permanent fund for the good of the state, I will guarantee that 23,432 voters will turn out in a heart beat.

What do we teach our children when we make it a point to vote? We teach them that it's the most important duty an American citizen can do to battle against injustice, to keep our freedoms intact in a country that allows us to agree and to disagree whether right or wrong; it's a right we cannot afford to take so lightly. For when freedom comes but once, let us hold it for all eternity.

Richard Segura


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