Web site shows truth about Alaska legislative activities

Posted: Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Consider this. Of twenty different bills before the U.S. Senate last year, that had direct bearing on Alaskans' lives, Lisa Murkowski voted against a favorable position for Alaskans every single time. That's zero percent, folks.

Alaska Public Interest Group (www.akpirg.org) has a wealth of such information relating to past candidate performance, the true barometer of their value. There you can find dependable, nonpartisan data regarding Alaskan issues. Such issues as finance reform, recent legislation, voting, health developments and PFD plans are examined fairly and thoroughly. It's great, there is even a link to the FTC's No-call Telemarketing List.

This site is just one information tool. Become knowledgeable to make intelligent voting choices, and show up at the polls.

Richard Wood, Seward

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