Tony Knowles will not look out for the rights of all Alaskans

Posted: Thursday, October 14, 2004

With the political season reaching full swing, egos and flawed logic threaten to push aside "common sense" and what is best for Alaska. The old adage, "he cut off his nose to spite his face" seems all too common among people who should know better.

If Tony Knowles prevails in November, this short-sightedness will have elected a senator who will not serve in Alaska's best interests, as demonstrated during his terms as governor. Meanwhile, Lisa Murkowski's potential as an influential member of Alaska's congressional delegation will have been wasted. "I don't like her stand on this or that" is a minor overall factor and should not cloud the enormous impact to Alaska if the eco-liberal alternative is elected.

Politics involves compromise such that the result is in the best interest of the majority. The sooner we all realize we can't have all our special wants met, the better off Alaska will be.

Conservatives and moderates are the majority and eco-liberals are a minority in this state. If we work together, much can be accomplished without compromising the natural wonder that is Alaska. This cooperation should start with the forthcoming election and the return of Senator Lisa Murkowski to Washington, D.C.

Margaret Nottingham


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