Thoughts on illegal immigration

Posted: Thursday, October 14, 2010

It seems that the information about illegal immigration is all about the southern border and Mexicans and South American countries. It started out at about 30 million illegals and now is down to only maybe 10 million. There is one thing that is totally missing in this assessment as there is no accountability of the millions of other people who have immigrated and are not counted in this tally.

With a government that is without any conscience or reliability to produce information of accuracy nobody knows what is actually going on.

California had a very workable program called the "Vaquero" program in the 50s, 60s that allowed so many Mexicans to receive a green card to work. This program was ruined by the very people that it should have worked for. The fruit growers and vegetable growers and any industry that needed laborers did not provide the housing, sanitary facilities in the fields, and the food for provisions required to sustain the programs. The living conditions on some of these places were deplorable.

In the 60s I managed and coached several Mexican American boys in Little League. At this time, there were very few illegals because of the green card program.

There are way too many Sanctuary Cities in the U.S. of A at this time. I'm afraid that America has lost its conscience and will keep falling down hill.

I'm proud to be an American.

Paul D. Morrison, Kenai

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