Monday, October 15, 2001

Exxon can't deduct processing costs from Point McIntyre find
JUNEAU (AP) -- The state Supreme Court has refused a request by Exxon to deduct $24 million from oil royalties paid to the state from the Point McIntyre fields.

Borough, municipal league want more community say over road projects
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- The Fairbanks North Star Borough and the Alaska Municipal League say state highway officials are trying to dilute local governments' influence on the design of state-funded construction projects.

Farmed salmon showing up again in Alaska waters
PETERSBURG (AP) -- High numbers of escaped farmed fish are showing up along the coast of British Columbia and a few dozen of the Atlantic salmon have been turned into the Alaska Department of Fish and Game after they were captured in state waters.

Oct. 5, 2001 The Ketchikan Daily News bemoans more foreign salmon in Alaska waters
Another day, another report of escaped Atlantic salmon showing up in West Coast rivers and streams.

Anchorage man arrested in shaken baby death
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- An Anchorage man has been charged with second-degree murder for the death of a baby last May.

Oct. 9, 2001 The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner on U.S. retaliation
The American people repeatedly had been warned that return strikes in this war against terrorism would not come quickly, nor would it end quickly. All indications are that this will be a long, difficult and dangerous task that will include complicated military and diplomatic operations.

Borough grant to help spill watchdog
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- The Cook Inlet Regional Citizens Advisory Council has received a $250,000 grant from the Kenai Peninsula Borough.

Oct. 10, 2001 On Permanent Fund payout day, the Anchorage Daily News muses on civic responsibility
The 2001 Permanent Fund dividends arrive in bank accounts today for those Alaskans who chose direct deposit. Ordinarily big news, this year's announcement of checks for $1,850 was consigned to the sidelines by the Sept. 11 attacks and the days after -- and days still to come.

Murkowski wants experts in Alaska considered for next spill
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- U.S. Sen. Frank Murkowski said it may be time to have experts trained in Alaska to respond more quickly to oil spills such as the one caused by a bullet through the trans-Alaska pipeline 10 days ago.

Oct. 12, 2001 The Voice of the Times praises return of faith in American life
In this time of great national and international crisis, it's no wonder that America at all levels of society is rediscovering something that has been missing in public life for all too many years. God is back -- in the stadiums of professional and college sports, in theaters and concert halls, in parks and playgrounds where people gather outdoors, in hotel conference rooms and convention halls. And yes, God is even back in American schools and classrooms.

University gets grant to build biomedical research
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- The University of Alaska has received a grant, totaling $6 million over three years, from the National Institutes of Health, to build biomedical research infrastructure in the state.

Oct. 10, 2001 Alaska Newspapers Inc. calls for FCC allowances in rural communications
The Federal Communication Commission doesn't have an easy job in Alaska, where the state's geographic vastness and diversity can be a communications nightmare.

Haines economy weathers loss of cruise ship traffic well
HAINES (AP) -- A pair of business indicators shows the Haines economy is doing better than some had expected, given this summer's sharp downturn in cruise ship dockings.

Fairbanks man sentenced to 20 days in jail for criminal non-support
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A Fairbanks man was sentenced to 20 days in jail for failing to pay more than $122,000 in child support.

Man attacks couple with hatchet
JUNEAU (AP) -- A man was arrested after he threatened a couple with a hatchet during an altercation at an apartment complex early Thursday, Juneau Police said.

Apartment units in housing dispute open to first tenants
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- The first tenants have moved into a newly-renovated apartment complex at the center of a bitter dispute between a private business owner and the Alaska Housing Finance Corp.

President Bush: Put ANWR drilling in energy bill
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- President Bush has urged Congress to adopt comprehensive energy legislation, which includes drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

State begins taking reservations for 2002 ferry season
JUNEAU (AP) -- The Alaska Marine Highway System began taking reservations Monday for the state ferry system's 2002 season.

Fairbanks police honor first officer killed on duty
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- The grave of a long-forgotten police hero was commemorated with a plaque Friday.

Authorities respond to antrax scares in Anchorage and Sterling
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Authorities in Anchorage and Sterline are investigating what appear to be anthrax hoaxes.

Airport security companies boost wages
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Companies that screen passengers for weapons and explosives at Anchorage's international airport are giving workers raises of up to $4.50 an hour.

Army closed Seward resort in wake of attacks
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Citing last month's terrorist attacks, the Army has indefinitely closed a popular resort in Seward that each year attracts tens of thousands of servicemen on leave.

Haines eagle population healthy
HAINES (AP) -- The population of young eagles in the Haines area is thriving.

Anchorage man pleads no contest to felony assault of officer
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- An Anchorage man has pleaded no contest to felony assault after driving down a street with a police officer hanging out of his car window.

Elmendorf completes contamination cleanup
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Contractors at Elmendorf Air Force Base have completed the removal of contaminated soil and debris from a construction site near the Boniface gate.

Fairbanks man found guilty of sexually assaulting girl
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- A jury has found a Fairbanks man guilty of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl and threatening her with a knife.

Pipeline shooting suspect indicted
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- The man accused of shooting a hole in the trans-Alaska oil pipeline last week was indicted Friday by a Fairbanks grand jury.

Study finds twilight riskiest for moose-car collisions
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Twilight is the riskiest time for moose-car collisions, according to two Finnish scientists.

National Guard begins patrols at Juneau airport
JUNEAU (AP) -- Nine member of the Army National Guard began regular patrols at Juneau Airport to provide added security there.

Quality concerns make Japanese buyers wary of Alaska shrimp
PETERSBURG (AP) -- Pot shrimpers in Southeast are being warned to maintain quality or Japanese buyers won't be interested in purchasing Alaska shrimp.

Toddler drowns in St. Michael ditch
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A two-year-old girl drowned in a ditch near her St. Michael home, Alaska State Troopers said Friday.

Spanky Paine gets another chance to sail the seas
SEWARD (AP) -- For the first time in five years, saltwater again is lapping against the 107-year-old hull of the Spanky Paine.

Sole survivor of PenAir flight dies
DILLINGHAM (AP) -- The only survivor of Wednesday's PenAir crash near Dillingham has died, bringing the death toll to 10.

Large grant will boost biomedical research at UA
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- A $6 million grant from the National Institutes of Health will be used to boost biomedical research in Alaska.

Yukon Pacific drastically cutting staff
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Yukon Pacific Corp. is downsizing its staff, including its chief executive, Jeff Lowenfels.

Crashed aircraft safe, reliable if pilots follow procedures
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- When a PenAir Cessna 208 Caravan crashed after takeoff from Dillingham last week, killing 10 people, it was the 27th time the aircraft was involved in a fatal accident in the nation, according to National Transportation Safety Board records.

Man charged with shooting pipeline no stranger to trouble
LIVENGOOD (AP) -- Ask neighbors, acquaintances and family about how Danny Lewis went wrong and they all say the same thing: Things never went right.

Permanent fund flu strikes at dividend time
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Dorinda Hansen, manager of a Chevron station, was pulling double shifts last week. Happens every year when those darned Alaska Permanent Fund dividends go out.

Mariners live to play another day
CLEVELAND -- Whew. Take a deep breath, Seattle. Just when it looked like the Mariners would tie the 1906 Chicago Cubs again, rookie Ichiro Suzuki got another big hit and baseball's best team this season got the biggest of its 118 wins.

Diamondbacks rout Cardinals in NLDS finale
PHOENIX -- Tony Womack turned disaster into delirium, and sent Curt Schilling and the Arizona Diamondbacks to the NL championship series.

A's outfielder won't play
OAKLAND, Calif. -- Oakland Athletics outfielder Jermaine Dye broke his left leg when he fouled a ball just below his knee Sunday during Game 4 of the AL playoffs, and was lost for the postseason.

Yankees survive Oakland's first test
OAKLAND, Calif. -- Mike Mussina did the hard work. Jorge Posada provided the only run. Then a backup cutoff man named Derek Jeter supplied the magic that kept the New York Yankees alive.

Yankees take series back to the Bronx
OAKLAND, Calif. -- Roger Clemens got off a plane just in time to find out he'll have a job to do Monday night.

Indians one game from ousting Mariners
CLEVELAND -- Nobody has had their way with the Seattle Mariners this season quite like the Cleveland Indians.

Braves watch series, wait on next opponent
ATLANTA (AP) -- John Smoltz leaned against the dugout railing Sunday at Turner Field, fielding questions from reporters and preparing to shag fly balls during batting practice.

Cardinals force fifth game with Diamondbacks
ST. LOUIS -- Bud Smith did his part, sending the St. Louis Cardinals to a decisive Game 5. Now, all they have to do is beat Curt Schilling. At Bank One Ballpark.

Exercising parents may raise exercising children, but it's no sure thing
WASHINGTON -- Parents who exercise tend to have children who exercise, but researchers caution that it's not something a parent can count on.

Run for your life! Sport offers more than just exercise
I have had the privilege of running for 25 years, injury-free. To commemorate this milestone and to celebrate the excellent health I have been blessed with, I decided to run a marathon.

Bulldogs defend small-schools state title
While Nikiski and Seward met on the common ground of Anchorage Football Stadium Saturday to determine the small-schools state champion, the roads each team followed to get there couldn't have been different.

Permanent fund dividends pour through economy
Kenai Peninsula residents definitely have helped spur the economy since Alaska Permanent Fund dividends were deposited Wednesday.

FBI requests 'heightened alert' status
The FBI issued a warning that law enforcement agencies should be on heightened alert against the possibility of further terrorist attacks against the U.S. in the next several days. Lieutenant Jeff Kohler of the Kenai Police Department said the department is concerned, but has no reason to suspect any specific activity related to terrorism in the area.

Bush says week of bombing taking toll
WASHINGTON -- As fear of anthrax and yet more terrorism took a toll on America's nerves, President Bush assured the public Saturday: ''We are taking strong precautions.'' He said terrorists and their Taliban allies, pounded by a seventh day of airstrikes, are ''paying a price.''

Head tax feared by cruise ship operators
The Alaska cruise ship industry is just one of many that was affected in the wake of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, according to an industry spokesperson.

Vocational school sprouts in Soldotna
The first three students of a vocational school catering to rural Alaska Natives are raising the school's first building on East Redoubt Avenue in Soldotna.

Photo feature: Weather foresight
Marcus Ashkenasy splits wood in front of his home in Kenai last weekend. Snow dusted the central Kenai Peninsula over the weekend sparking an interest in wood cutting. Forecasters say temperatures are definitely cooling down, despite the prediction of sunshine later this week.

Bush rebuffs offer; administration calls anthrax cases 'act of terrorism'
WASHINGTON -- President Bush sternly rejected a Taliban offer to discuss handing over Osama bin Laden to a third country as U.S. jets began a second week of bombing. ''They must have not heard. There's no negotiations,'' the president said Sunday.

Close vote rekindles debate over districted board
The current policy of holding boroughwide elections for seats on the school board is being scrutinized after candidates from outlying areas faced tough fights despite receiving the majority of votes in their areas.

Anthrax scare temporarily closes Sterling post office Saturday
An apparent prank preying on national fears of terrorism created an anthrax scare at the Sterling Post Office Saturday, which prompted an investigation involving the Alaska State Troopers and the FBI.

Photo feature: Holdout
Fall colors cling to a single tree in the Kenai Mountains above Skilak Lake Friday following an early-season snowfall. Low temperatures forecast for the coming days don't bode well for the remaining fall colors.

Wenceslaus Shea
Wenceslaus "Bud" Shea of Ninilchik and Plainfield, Iowa, died at his home in Plainfield on Friday, Oct. 12, 2001, from an apparent heart attack. He was 67.

What others say
Military action not best way to curb terrorismGlobal alliance essential in war against terrorismLa Repubblica, Rome, on Italy's role in the international fight against terrorism The Times, London, on relations between India and Pakistan and U.S. engagement in the regionLe Monde, Paris, on the need for Muslims and the conflict with bin LadenHa'aretz, Tel Aviv, Israel, on Middle Eastern states being wary of bin LadenAl Ahram, Cairo, Egypt, on U.S. attacks in Afghanistan

State budget woes present opportunity to find viable solution
Two events last week highlighted the in-congruent nature of Alaska's financial situation. Tuesday evening, residents gathered for a town meeting hosted by Rep. Ken Lancaster, R-Soldotna, to get information and suggest ways to bridge the state's $1 billion budget gap.

Americans share their their thoughts on what's different since Sept. 11
A Nobel Prize winner wonders how rationality could fail so completely. A singer feels the need to ''stand up'' with her voice, and raise spirits. A former college president thinks about how Americans can reach out to a world with so many have-nots.

Bush's confidence, command grow in crisis
WASHINGTON -- In what he calls this ''time of testing'' for the nation, George W. Bush has gathered for himself a confidence and command unseen in the first eight months of his presidency.

We're hurting, but we'll heal
It happened a month ago. Those unimaginable terroristic acts. I watched over and over again in horror as history changed, ingraining in my brain images I will never forget. I sat glued to the television every chance I got and absorbed every detail, dissected every piece of information. How could this happen?

Easy entry by terrorists prompts calls for tighter visa controls
He seemed eager to learn English in America. So he signed up for a four-month language course in California. Nothing seemed strange about that. When Hani Hanjour didn't show up, the school wasn't alarmed. That happens now and then with foreign students. A year later, he is believed to have been at the controls of American Airlines Flight 77 that plowed into the Pentagon -- one of four terrorist hijackings Sept. 11 that left more than 5,500 people dead in New York and Washington.

Run for your life! Sport offers more than just exercise
I have had the privilege of running for 25 years, injury-free. To commemorate this milestone and to celebrate the excellent health I have been blessed with, I decided to run a marathon.

Around the Peninsula
School board meets MondayBroker to speak at Soldotna chamberHonor choir to performFair association plans potluck, meetingCanine Good Citizen class starts TuesdayRegistration ongoing for basketballFood handling class plannedGovernment offers food aid for day careState offers birth control servicesFree lunch program available

Celebrating Kenai City Hall
Four Kenai city mayors, past and present, celebrate the 20th anniversary of the opening of the current Kenai City Hall on Thursday.

Exercising parents may raise exercising children, but it's no sure thing
WASHINGTON -- Parents who exercise tend to have children who exercise, but researchers caution that it's not something a parent can count on.

My Best Friend
Sister, a 6-year-old Siamese-Manx, finds her six toes help her keep a better grip for perching. She seems to think the quilt was modeled after her, according to her owners Marilyn Wheeless and John Osborne of Kenai.

Choat, Tucker marry in August
Melody Choat and Johnathan Tucker were married Sunday, Aug. 12, 2001, at Green Lake Chalet at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage. Michael Michell officiated.

Lake is backdrop for McKendry, Duncan wedding
Helene Duncan and Steven McKendry were married Saturday, June 30, 2001, at Johnson Lake Wayside in Kasilof. Allen McKendry, brother of the groom, of Depew, Okla., officiated.

Around the Peninsula
Defensive driving class offeredKPB superintendent to speak at chamber lunchSmall business workshop offeredSocial Security representative to visit communitiesDAV meeting slatedAARP meeting plannedSnowmachine party to be heldHospital service board meeting to be heldFestival of Bacchus slatedForest Service cabin to be closed

Brandi and Travis BusseyTina Blume-Bleile and Curtis BleileMolly and Jeff Aley

Boats going up for the winter
The Earth follows its path around the sun and summer slides toward winter. Endless light of long summer days grows dim. Green leaves become flecks of gold. Dropping temperatures promise the return of snow and ice.

Community News
Friends of Our Troops recognizes area VFW postFall TOPS rally heldAlaska Junior Miss raffle announcedHomer Community Schools offers classesKenai Community Library scheduleAlaska SeaLife Center news

Gere, Harnum marry in museum
Michelle Jeanine Gere and Jonathan David Harnum were wed Sunday, May 27, 2001, in an evening ceremony at the Anchorage Museum of History and Art by Scott Larkin Gere.

Peninsula People
Soldotna orthopedist receives board certification

Community Schools
This listing of Soldotna Community School classes beginning this week serves as a reminder for preregistered participants. Most classes require preregistration and prepayment. If you did NOT preregister, please call the Soldotna Community School office, at 262-6768, to check on cancellations and confirm your attendance. Details about each class can be found in the Fall 2001 Soldotna Community School brochure, which is available at Soldotna and Kenai public libraries, the city of Soldotna and the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District.

Pulliam, Dewitt wed under gazebo
Teresa Pulliam of Seldovia and Kelly Dewitt, formerly of Sanger, Calif., were married Saturday, Sept. 15, 2001, in an outdoor ceremony at the gazebo in Leif Hansen Memor-ial Park in Kenai.

Banks is back
IRVING, Texas -- The irony isn't lost on Tony Banks. He would have been the Dallas Cowboys' starting quarterback against the Washington Redskins on Monday night had everything gone according to plan.

Auburn rips apart Gators
AUBURN, Ala. -- Damon Duval kicked a 44-yard field goal with 10 seconds left and Auburn intercepted four of Rex Grossman's passes to shock No. 1 Florida 23-20 Saturday night.

Sports Briefs
Capriati moves up to No. 1 India beats United States in Davis Cup doublesDe Ferran wins pole; adds to points leadRain forces Busch race to run on SundayWestern Michigan tops Fairbanks in overtime

Tyson wins heavyweight bout when Nielsen can't continue
COPENHAGEN, Denmark -- Six rounds not only gave Mike Tyson some much needed work, it may also have gotten him another shot at the heavyweight title.

Stars sweep Valley Invitational
The Soldotna Stars swept the Valley Invitational swimming meet Saturday. The boys team finished first with a combined team score of 108 points and the girls team took first place with 94 combined points.

Nikiski netters top Heritage, ACS
The Nikiski volleyball team swept a pair of District 3/3A opponents Friday and Saturday in Nikiski to break out of a midseason funk.

Capriati finds top ranking
Jennifer Capriati finally landed where her talent could have taken her long ago -- at No. 1.

McCarron takes three-shot lead at Invensys Classic
LAS VEGAS -- Scott McCarron shot a 9-under-par 63 Saturday in ideal playing conditions to take a three-shot lead over Tom Lehman going into the final round of the Invensys Classic at Las Vegas.

Rams stay perfect by topping New York
ST. LOUIS -- Trung Canidate, subbing for the injured Marshall Faulk, scored on 1-yard run with 4:16 to go, and the St. Louis Rams held on for a 15-14 victory over the New York Giants on Sunday.

Sports Briefs
Service swimmers sweep Homer, Juneau-DouglasNikiski dominates Great Land awardsBarrow claims Houston InvitationalKards take Lady Grizzly Invitational

Bettis comes back bigger, better than ever
PITTSBURGH -- Now that he's passed 10,000 yards before his 30th birthday, it is becoming apparent there never has been an NFL running back like Jerome Bettis.

Galaxy push past Fire
FULLERTON, Calif. (AP) -- Peter Vagenas scored in overtime to lead the Los Angeles Galaxy a 1-0 victory over the Chicago Fire in the second game of the MLS semifinal series on Saturday night.

America advances in Davis Cup tournament
WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Andy Roddick beat India's Leander Paes in four sets Sunday and clinch the United States' 4-1 victory over India in their Davis Cup World Group qualifier.

Skyview sweeps Soldotna
The Soldotna volleyball team fell prey to the Skyview Saturday, losing three straight games on the Stars' home floor.

Beavers still threat in Pac 10
CORVALLIS, Ore. (AP) -- Led by a defense that is showing flashes of its 2000 dominance, Oregon State could yet be a factor in the Pac-10 race -- especially considering that the Beavers' three losses came against teams that are a combined 17-0, and their next three opponents are 5-11.

Red Wings end unbeaten streak of Islanders
UNIONDALE, N.Y. -- Steve Yzerman scored the game-winning goal 2:32 into overtime as the Detroit Red Wings ended the New York Islanders' season-opening unbeaten streak with a 5-4 victory in sold-out Nassau Coliseum on Saturday night.

Panthers pin down Bulldogs
When there's a coaching staff as experienced as that of the Skyview wrestling team, it's unusual for a group of kids to spark a major philosophy change.

Jordan looks great in second game
MIAMI (AP) -- This was the Michael Jordan everybody remembers.

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