Knowles wrong choice for U.S. Senate for many reasons

Posted: Friday, October 15, 2004

As Alaskans prepare to choose a candidate for the U.S. Senate, several points about Tony Knowles come to mind.

1. Military record. In his first attempts for office, he never brought out the fact that he was a Vietnam veteran. Now with some distance from that war he has a record. The public deserves a full disclosure of his military service. Did he receive medals? Was he promoted?

2. An assumed mandate. With three slim margins and one default by an opposing candidate, he has taken more than a reasonable assumption that he represented the majority of Alaskans.

3. No clear philosophy. With strains of "populism" and some 19th century socialism, Tony has no clear philosophy for decision making. Thus his decisions are preempted by his own subjective thinking. Lisa will at least "think her way through" problems.

4. Anti-technology. Favoring the committee-style of government and management by the suggestion box, his sources seldom listen or adhere to the relevance of technical authority. Tony and his followers are like the Luddites who destroyed machinery during the industrial revolution in the hopes of increasing jobs.

5. The emperor's new roads. Look around you. Do you see any new highways that have been developed in the last ten years? Invisible! Like the children's story of a similar name.

6. Over emphasis on traditional families. If you are widowed, divorced, never married or single, you don't qualify for any benefits under the Knowles governments. Victims, "have-nots" and "do-nots" fare better.

7. Remember Ninilchik! Over losing funds for social programs, Tony closed the Highway Maintenance Facility in Ninilchik. A subsequent flood and washout of a bridge approach caused near devastating accidents to several area residents. This action in my opinion is malfeasance by an elected official.

Thus for this and the other reasons above, I will vote for Lisa Murkowski.

Ken Markve , Anchor Point

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