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Posted: Monday, October 15, 2007

Paul Fischer of Kasilof holds the record for being elected to the Borough Assembly the most times. Paul's re-election on Oct. 2 marks his eighth successful bid. He has never lost. Grace Merkes of Sterling and Betty Glick of Kenai each have seven wins while John Davis of KSRM Radio has six. Fischer was first elected in 1975 and re-elected in 1978 and 1980. He then resigned to run for the Alaska Senate and served from 1982-92.

Suzanne Little won the Senate seat in a 1993 challenge. In 1998 Paul was elected to the assembly and voters sent him back in 2001, '04 and '07.

During the most recent race, however, voters also approved term limits and the Borough Assembly, on Oct. 9, declined to seat two term incumbents such as Fischer. Rueful rumors are rampant that disenfranchised voters will sue the borough. At which point old judiciaries in black robes akin to what is common at Hogwarts School of Magic will choose Kasilof's representative. This may get scary.

Hal, the Halloween Owl (Tustumena Elementary School Principal Ken Halverson) is watching Clocktober with saucer eyes. The first quarter at the school is over Friday and parent-teacher conferences will follow Oct. 24 and 25. Teachers at the school are working the daylight out of students. Daylight saving time ends the first Sunday after Halloween.

The fifth annual Trunk or Treat will be held in the school parking lot Oct. 31 from 6 to 8 p.m.

Cars and drivers are invited to dress for the occasion and prizes will be awarded for vile style. Old beach trucks should wear a muffler and better have a letter from a bonafide insurance provider.

Bring activities to keep warm by burning calories instead of gasoline. Jim Russell of Clam Gulch is in charge. While he isn't known for black robes, fortunetellers can predict the future by peering into his mopless top.

Speaking of predictions, Chris Fallon of Kasilof won week four of the Clarion football contest by rightly picking 77 percent.

I hope he merely divined these results and wasn't jinxing players. I dunno, the Cowboys quarterback threw five picks and had a dumb ol' fumble. Scary.

Do you live with the rural burls and have no DSL internet access? Do you find dial-up more frustrating than frozen car doors and dead batteries? Is StarBand too pricey a dish for your taste? Then wireless internet cards may be for you. The service is limited to areas within three or four miles of a cell tower. In general, DSL is the fastest and least expensive of these technologies; StarBand is almost as quick, but is the costliest; cell cards are slower than StarBand, but some are comparably priced to DSL; and "dial-up" is like being hung out to dry in the fog.

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