Conservatism isn't a bad thing

Posted: Friday, October 15, 2010

Seems to be that if you have conservative ideals that you are now labeled an extremist. I am continually amazed at the number of people who call Joe Miller an extremist when his position is one of conservatism. Why is it that when someone is given the option they choose to opt out of Social Security in favor of a private plan? Joe has the common sense to see that the Ponzi scheme of Social Security as it is now functioning will not last. We cannot just continue to ignore the problem! When someone recognizes that fact and want to fix it they are labeled extremist. Why would the unemployment insurance not be better handled at the state level where the unemployed people live?

The 17th Amendment to the Constitution was crafted and passed by the Progressive movement in 1913. This is when the states started losing control of their destiny and lobbyists started gaining power and influencing the federal government, and the corruption began. Prior to the amendment the people had their voices heard when they elected their congressman, and the states had their concerns addressed by sending their chosen representative to the Senate. If the people did not like the Senate choice they voted out the people that sent him to D.C. In this manner the states influenced their representative instead of the lobbyist!

The Founding Fathers had made sure that the federal government would not have excessive control over the States. Sounds like a pretty good system to me, but then again, since I am a conservative I must be an extremist.

People say that since Joe Miller went to West Point that he was given a free education. As a career soldier I can assure you that his education was earned! He served his country in Desert Storm, and continued serving it every step of the way to where he is now! His record of public service is undeniably his best attribute and qualifies him beyond a doubt for the job, but I guess you would have to have conservative ideals and believe in earning a living to appreciate that fact.

The times have drastically changed. I suppose that if Ted Stevens would have won his re-election the stimulus bill would not have passed, the 2000 + page health care boondoggle, the numerous other economy killing bills would not have passed and the country would not be in the dire straits that it now finds its self. Conservative ideals did not get us here but will surely lead the way out.

Lisa Murkowski tried to portray herself as a conservative in the primary, to no avail. Now she is flaunting her liberal side as an asset. If this was a race between her and our other senator she would begrudgingly have my vote as the most conservative. Proud to be conservative and will vote for the most conservative candidate, Joe Miller!

Bill Keller, Soldotna

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