Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Red king crab season begins in Bering Sea
KODIAK (AP) -- The Bering Sea red king crab season began Monday.

Apartment units in housing dispute open to first tenants
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- The first tenants have moved into a newly-renovated apartment complex at the center of a bitter dispute between a private business owner and the Alaska Housing Finance Corp.

Oct. 9, 2001 The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner on U.S. retaliation
The American people repeatedly had been warned that return strikes in this war against terrorism would not come quickly, nor would it end quickly. All indications are that this will be a long, difficult and dangerous task that will include complicated military and diplomatic operations.

Eagle River, Soldotna teachers win national awards
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A teacher from Eagle River and another from Soldotna have been honored with national awards worth $25,000.

Tribal organizations get substance abuse grants
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Four Alaska tribal organizations have received grants for drug and alcohol abuse treatment from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Anthrax threats inundating state and local officials
JUNEAU (AP) -- A Veterans Administration clinic is cleared for several hours after an anthrax threat is received. A passenger jet is kept on the ground overnight after cleaning crews discover a powdery substance on a seat that later turns out to be coffee creamer.

Oct. 12, 2001 The Voice of the Times praises return of faith in American life
In this time of great national and international crisis, it's no wonder that America at all levels of society is rediscovering something that has been missing in public life for all too many years. God is back -- in the stadiums of professional and college sports, in theaters and concert halls, in parks and playgrounds where people gather outdoors, in hotel conference rooms and convention halls. And yes, God is even back in American schools and classrooms.

Quake rumbles in ocean southeast of Sand Point
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A 4.7 magnitude earthquake southeast of Sand Point in the Aleutian islands Monday night failed to generate a tsunami, according to the West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center.

Oct. 10, 2001 Alaska Newspapers Inc. calls for FCC allowances in rural communications
The Federal Communication Commission doesn't have an easy job in Alaska, where the state's geographic vastness and diversity can be a communications nightmare.

Search for hiker suspended
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A search for an Eagle River man who never returned from a day hike in Chugach State Park has been suspended.

Authorities respond to antrax scares in Anchorage and Sterling
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Authorities in Anchorage and Sterline are investigating what appear to be anthrax hoaxes.

Man arrested in illegal border crossing
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A 54-year-old man was arrested near Chicken after apparently walking more than 100 miles from Dawson City, Yukon.

Anthrax threats inundating state and local officials
JUNEAU (AP) -- A Veterans Administration clinic is cleared for several hours after an anthrax threat is received. A passenger jet is kept on the ground overnight after cleaning crews discover a powdery substance on a seat that later turns out to be coffee creamer.

Fairbanks assembly mulls proposed Alaskaland name change
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- The Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly is considering a proposal to change the name of Alaskaland, one of the area's main tourist attractions.

Alaskans upbeat about fiscal outlook
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Alaskans are more optimistic about the economy than are most other Americans, said state labor economist Neal Fried.

Jury sides with officer in excessive force suit
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A Superior Court jury unanimously sided with an Anchorage police officer in a civil suit against the city, saying he did not use excessive force while arresting an apparently intoxicated woman.

Oct. 5, 2001 The Ketchikan Daily News bemoans more foreign salmon in Alaska waters
Another day, another report of escaped Atlantic salmon showing up in West Coast rivers and streams.

Dividends wrongly credited to college savings accounts
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- George Ferree saved half of his 17-year-old daughter's Alaska Permanent Fund dividend for college this year.

Oct. 10, 2001 On Permanent Fund payout day, the Anchorage Daily News muses on civic responsibility
The 2001 Permanent Fund dividends arrive in bank accounts today for those Alaskans who chose direct deposit. Ordinarily big news, this year's announcement of checks for $1,850 was consigned to the sidelines by the Sept. 11 attacks and the days after -- and days still to come.

City official says police response fell short in alley death
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- The Anchorage Police Department failed to follow correct procedures in its response to a man who died after he was found in a downtown alley last month, a city official said.

Fairbanks man sentenced to 20 days in jail for criminal non-support
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A Fairbanks man was sentenced to 20 days in jail for failing to pay more than $122,000 in child support.

More than 90 Alaskans contract viral meningitis
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- State health officials said 91 Alaskans have contracted viral meningitis since summer, and many of the cases are linked to a camp held in Prince William Sound.

State begins taking reservations for 2002 ferry season
JUNEAU (AP) -- The Alaska Marine Highway System began taking reservations Monday for the state ferry system's 2002 season.

Alaska charter schools get federal funds
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- The Alaska Department of Education has received a $737,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Education to provide ongoing support to charter schools.

Army closed Seward resort in wake of attacks
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Citing last month's terrorist attacks, the Army has indefinitely closed a popular resort in Seward that each year attracts tens of thousands of servicemen on leave.

Alaska Science and Technology Foundation hurt by earnings drop
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- The Alaska Science and Technology Foundation is cutting its operating budget and deferring approval of new grants, due to a drop in earnings from its endowment.

Trade center site flags raised in Juneau
JUNEAU (AP) -- An American flag and an Alaska flag that flew over a medical tent at the World Trade Center ruins for two weeks were raised Monday morning in the plaza across from the state Capitol.

Moyer comes through
SEATTLE -- Jamie Moyer will get his chance in this AL championship series.

Tribe can't scratch Ichiro, Mariners
SEATTLE -- Shut out at home. Blown out on the road. Down to their final nine outs. Twice in danger of having their record-setting, season of seasons end in failure.

Yankees complete comeback vs. A's
NEW YORK -- Derek Jeter dived headfirst into the stands. He was not going to let this ball, or this series, get away.

Braves watch series, wait on next opponent
ATLANTA (AP) -- John Smoltz leaned against the dugout railing Sunday at Turner Field, fielding questions from reporters and preparing to shag fly balls during batting practice.

Jeter does it all for Yankees
NEW YORK (AP) -- Derek Jeter beat the Oakland Athletics every way he could.

Mariners live to play another day
CLEVELAND -- Whew. Take a deep breath, Seattle. Just when it looked like the Mariners would tie the 1906 Chicago Cubs again, rookie Ichiro Suzuki got another big hit and baseball's best team this season got the biggest of its 118 wins.

Atlanta, Arizona enter NLCS with aces up sleeves
PHOENIX -- Get ready for more big-time pitching in the National League championship series.

Yankees take series back to the Bronx
OAKLAND, Calif. -- Roger Clemens got off a plane just in time to find out he'll have a job to do Monday night.

A's outfielder won't play
OAKLAND, Calif. -- Oakland Athletics outfielder Jermaine Dye broke his left leg when he fouled a ball just below his knee Sunday during Game 4 of the AL playoffs, and was lost for the postseason.

Diamondbacks rout Cardinals in NLDS finale
PHOENIX -- Tony Womack turned disaster into delirium, and sent Curt Schilling and the Arizona Diamondbacks to the NL championship series.

CARTS celebrates 1st Anniversary with new handicap access vans...
It was a year ago that the Central Area Rural Transit System (CARTS) provided their first ride in the Central Peninsula, and now they are doing almost 3,000 rides a month, according to executive director Kristin Lambert. "We're surprised

Anchorage group kicks off new Peninsula chapter of Resource Development Council recently...
Members of the board of directors of the Resource Development Council (RDC) in Anchorage came to the Kenai last week to help kick-off the first meeting of the Kenai Peninsula chapter of the RDC.

My wife handed me the phone in the early am hours and in a sleepy stuper I answered in my usual way, "Yeah." The lady on the other end answered, " Is this John?" I again replied, "Yeah, in the best sleepy voice I could muster." This is Fish & Game Wildlife Protection calling. We have a moose that has been hit on the Spur Highway. Are you available to harvest it.? Again I replied, "Yeah." By now the person on the other end is thinking, Boy, do I have a sleepy person on the phone this time! After getting the directions one more time I hang up and sit up in bed.

Safe Sitter classes at capacity...
Baby-sitting looks like it's going to be as popular in the coming century as it was in the last. For many it was the way they earned their first money, and for even more American families having a babysitter was the only way they were able to make it to the PTA meeting, private anniversary dinner, or a night of square dancing while the kids were growing up.

KNWR celebrates 60th Anniversary with family fun...
As the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (KNWR) turned 60 years of age, hundreds of families from the local community turned out to enjoy a sunny day and a Birthday bash that will long be remembered.

Now Showing: Corky Romano
Public interest in the mafia has made it one of America's tried and true cinematic bailiwicks. From The Godfather to The Sopranos, there is a wealth of clever, moving, exciting, and even funny mob films out there that have played a part in molding our society's ideas about such lofty subjects as honor, loyalty, cruelty, and the American dream. And now, coming along to join the family during the twilight of the genre, is Corky Romano. Let's pray he gets whacked before he can do too much damage.

Craven can stop cravin' first Winston Cup win
MARTINSVILLE, Va. -- Ricky Craven lingered in Victory Lane, talking to anyone in sight and reveling in the moment -- his first Winston Cup victory.

Permanent fund dividends pour through economy
Kenai Peninsula residents definitely have helped spur the economy since Alaska Permanent Fund dividends were deposited Wednesday.

Kenai River banks to benefit from federal grant
Communities from Seward to Seldovia will receive close to $2 million in seed money for harbor, river, health and other projects under federal grants announced this month.

Head tax feared by cruise ship operators
The Alaska cruise ship industry is just one of many that was affected in the wake of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, according to an industry spokesperson.

Photo feature: Weather foresight
Marcus Ashkenasy splits wood in front of his home in Kenai last weekend. Snow dusted the central Kenai Peninsula over the weekend sparking an interest in wood cutting. Forecasters say temperatures are definitely cooling down, despite the prediction of sunshine later this week.

Anthrax scares in area harmless
Saturday's mail scare at the Sterling Post Office was one of three such occurrences on the Kenai Peninsula over the weekend.

Photo feature: Snow business
The remains of a cow parsnip flower hold the season's first snowfall in a meadow near Sterling last weekend.

Bush rebuffs offer; administration calls anthrax cases 'act of terrorism'
WASHINGTON -- President Bush sternly rejected a Taliban offer to discuss handing over Osama bin Laden to a third country as U.S. jets began a second week of bombing. ''They must have not heard. There's no negotiations,'' the president said Sunday.

Letter to Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle tests positive for anthrax
WASHINGTON -- A letter sent to Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle tested positive for anthrax on Monday as the bioterrorism scare rattling the nation reached the halls of Congress.

Census figures causing changes on planning panel
The Kenai Peninsula Borough Planning Commission will change shape now that 2000 census figures show the percentage of the population on the peninsula living in a first-class city has dropped.

Vocational school sprouts in Soldotna
The first three students of a vocational school catering to rural Alaska Natives are raising the school's first building on East Redoubt Avenue in Soldotna.

Press corps wrong about President Bush; he has not re-invented himself
Just before he left office in 1992, I told then-Vice President Dan Quayle that if he wanted to return to the national stage as a credible political figure he'd have to re-invent himself. I said, "The press will never admit they were wrong about you, so you will have to do things that will cause them to write about 'the new Dan Quayle.'"

Bush's confidence, command grow in crisis
WASHINGTON -- In what he calls this ''time of testing'' for the nation, George W. Bush has gathered for himself a confidence and command unseen in the first eight months of his presidency.

What others say
Military action not best way to curb terrorismGlobal alliance essential in war against terrorismLa Repubblica, Rome, on Italy's role in the international fight against terrorism The Times, London, on relations between India and Pakistan and U.S. engagement in the regionLe Monde, Paris, on the need for Muslims and the conflict with bin LadenHa'aretz, Tel Aviv, Israel, on Middle Eastern states being wary of bin LadenAl Ahram, Cairo, Egypt, on U.S. attacks in Afghanistan

Letters to the Editor
Wild vs. farmed salmon not issue; learning to stay competitive is

Easy entry by terrorists prompts calls for tighter visa controls
He seemed eager to learn English in America. So he signed up for a four-month language course in California. Nothing seemed strange about that. When Hani Hanjour didn't show up, the school wasn't alarmed. That happens now and then with foreign students. A year later, he is believed to have been at the controls of American Airlines Flight 77 that plowed into the Pentagon -- one of four terrorist hijackings Sept. 11 that left more than 5,500 people dead in New York and Washington.

Escaped farmed salmon putting wild stocks at risk
Another day, another report of escaped Atlantic salmon showing up in West Coast rivers and streams.

'No' vote on private prison should send clear message to legislators
The overwhelming "no" vote to a proposed 1,000-bed private prison on the Kenai Peninsula is another illustration that Alaskans can't be bought by outside corporate interests. The record 3-to-1 landslide tally of votes experienced Oct. 2 should also be enough to convince legislators that they are out of touch with Alaskans on this issue.

Peninsula People
Soldotna orthopedist receives board certification

Celebrating Kenai City Hall
Four Kenai city mayors, past and present, celebrate the 20th anniversary of the opening of the current Kenai City Hall on Thursday.

Community Schools
This listing of Soldotna Community School classes beginning this week serves as a reminder for preregistered participants. Most classes require preregistration and prepayment. If you did NOT preregister, please call the Soldotna Community School office, at 262-6768, to check on cancellations and confirm your attendance. Details about each class can be found in the Fall 2001 Soldotna Community School brochure, which is available at Soldotna and Kenai public libraries, the city of Soldotna and the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District.

Brandi and Travis BusseyTina Blume-Bleile and Curtis BleileMolly and Jeff Aley

Around the Peninsula
AARP to offer defensive driving courseDistrict superintendent to speak at chamberRed Cross to teach first aidWorkshop will train for starting a businessGovernment offers food aid for day careState offers birth control servicesFree lunch program available

Community News
Friends of Our Troops recognizes area VFW postFall TOPS rally heldAlaska Junior Miss raffle announcedHomer Community Schools offers classesKenai Community Library scheduleAlaska SeaLife Center news

Around the Peninsula
School board meets MondayBroker to speak at Soldotna chamberHonor choir to performFair association plans potluck, meetingCanine Good Citizen class starts TuesdayRegistration ongoing for basketballFood handling class plannedGovernment offers food aid for day careState offers birth control servicesFree lunch program available

Elderly man spends life recording
EUGENE, Ore. -- Don Hunter's passion for sounds began with the night trains, huge steam locomotives that whistled past his house as he lay tucked into bed.

Senior Briefs
Activities available for our area seniors

Senior Menus
What's on the menu for area seniors

'Gutter Bowl' matches bad hype -- almost
IRVING, Texas -- For three quarters, the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins looked like they really were playing the ''Gutter Bowl.''

Capriati finds top ranking
Jennifer Capriati finally landed where her talent could have taken her long ago -- at No. 1.

Sports Briefs
Soldotna's Green scores dramatic goal for UAASkyview wrestlers take Ninilchik InvitationalKPHA Ice Hawks team tops North StarNHL suspends Bertuzzi, Parker for brawl

Sports Briefs
Service swimmers sweep Homer, Juneau-DouglasNikiski dominates Great Land awardsBarrow claims Houston InvitationalKards take Lady Grizzly Invitational

Rangers edge Habs
MONTREAL (AP) -- Goalie Dan Blackburn picked up his first NHL victory, and Radek Dvorak scored the tiebreaking goal as the New York Rangers beat Montreal 2-1 Monday night, snapping the Canadiens' five-game unbeaten streak.

Beavers still threat in Pac 10
CORVALLIS, Ore. (AP) -- Led by a defense that is showing flashes of its 2000 dominance, Oregon State could yet be a factor in the Pac-10 race -- especially considering that the Beavers' three losses came against teams that are a combined 17-0, and their next three opponents are 5-11.

Penguins fire Hlinka after starting year 0-4
PITTSBURGH (AP) -- So much for the Pittsburgh Penguins' European Experiment. The Penguins fired coach Ivan Hlinka on Monday after an 0-4 start and replaced him with assistant Rick Kehoe, the team's best player before the Mario Lemieux era.

Rams stay perfect by topping New York
ST. LOUIS -- Trung Canidate, subbing for the injured Marshall Faulk, scored on 1-yard run with 4:16 to go, and the St. Louis Rams held on for a 15-14 victory over the New York Giants on Sunday.

Faulk could play against Jets
ST. LOUIS -- Marshall Faulk hasn't been ruled out of Sunday's game against the New York Jets despite a bruised right knee.

America advances in Davis Cup tournament
WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Andy Roddick beat India's Leander Paes in four sets Sunday and clinch the United States' 4-1 victory over India in their Davis Cup World Group qualifier.

Banks is back
IRVING, Texas -- The irony isn't lost on Tony Banks. He would have been the Dallas Cowboys' starting quarterback against the Washington Redskins on Monday night had everything gone according to plan.

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