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Posted: Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Ward has been excellent senator for peninsula; he will be re-elected

Tom Wagoner, who is running for state Senate, has been duped by the Democrats. In his radio ads, he makes believe that the benevolent Knowles' Democrats felt sorry for Kenai Peninsula residents and cut off Anchorage so we could elect our own senator.

Hey, Tom, what about Homer and Seward? They are in the Kodiak Senate district. They have been cut off from the peninsula. I guess that is OK with you. The truth is that the Knowles' Democrats cut Anchorage off from the peninsula in order to get rid of our senator, Jerry Ward.

Sen. Ward has been an excellent senator for the peninsula. He thwarted Knowles' efforts by moving to the peninsula. We will thwart the Knowles' Democrats by re-electing our senator, Jerry Ward, and send Tom Wagoner packing back to Desert Hot Springs for the winter.

Steve Vanek


Public hasn't had time to review change to nonsmoking ordinance

Bait and switch or sucker punch, take your pick. With all the recent uproar regarding the Soldotna City Council's maneuvering and manipulation, it needs to be pointed out that the council recently approved an amendment that changed the whole structure of the non-smoking ordinance as it was and has been presented to the public for comment at council meetings.

This amendment was put forth by Lisa Parker (who originally cautioned that the public needed enough time to comment before a vote by the council). Now the proposed ordinance has been amended after two public comment meetings, and the vote will occur on the very night it will be read for the last time. The change the council made as proposed by Parker and approved by the council eliminates any option for the owners of these establishments which was not the case in the original proposal or the ensuing time since it has been presented to the public.

I suggest whatever persuasion citizens of Soldotna find themselves on regarding the ordinance that they ask this question: Is this the type of bait-and-switch or sucker-punch tactics one would expect, much less accept, of the individuals who were elected or defaulted into office at any level of government trust?

Susan Davies


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