Security funds necessary

Posted: Thursday, October 16, 2003

Congress made the right decision in approving a $29.4 billion spending bill for homeland security.

The bill, which will provide $330 million to fund U.S. Department of Homeland Security programs in 2004, will help make airports safer and nuclear power plants less susceptible to attack. ...

The bill is important to efforts to steel the entire nation against an attack by terrorists. It will fund a program aimed at allowing authorities to keep better tabs on foreign visitors to the United States. Specifically, the U.S. VISIT Program requires that foreign visitors be photographed and fingerprinted at major entry points in the country, including major airports and seaports. Visitors would be fingerprinted again upon leaving the country, to ensure that the same person who entered the country is leaving. ...

For those who would criticize the Bush administration for the cost of providing security within our borders, we would ask: How much is too much to spend to ensure the safety of Americans, especially in light of the Sept. 11 terror attacks?

The Daily Courier, Connellsville, Pa.

Oct. 14

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