Reader resents editorial threats

Posted: Monday, October 17, 2005

Regarding your comments of Oct. 7th, dear Clarion editor, aren't you being a little mean-spirited when you threaten punishment against the electorate who voted yes on Props. 4 and 5? I kind of resent being taken to the editorial woodshed for voting to limit local government spending. Last Tuesday's clear and sobering message is that we can't afford higher taxes. I think our local representatives, most of whom are doing a fine job, are pragmatic enough to find budget cuts in areas less vital to the community than the road-plowing and young people's sports activities that you so peevishly propose.

And with careful budgetary management, I'll bet they won't even have to raise property taxes, despite your dire predictions. We shouldn't allow our representatives to believe they could act on such threats as these, and we will be watching!

Your editorial claims also that our vote signified a trend toward direct democracy. I doubt that very sincerely. Reasonable limitations by the people on government spending make for a healthy and stable community, and to most of us a million dollars still sounds like a lot of money.

Jackie Booth, Nikiski

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