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Posted: Wednesday, October 18, 2000

Past disagreements being inflicted unfairly on Soldotna's children

The recent "tension" over the decoration at Safeway regarding implicit support for one local high school over the other has provided an excellent example for attempting to explain the roots of the Israeli and Palestinian hostility. Both countries believe that God is on their side and that the Supreme Being wants them to damage their young brothers and sisters as proof.

Regarding our local tension, some adults see this as an example of proof regarding what is the "safe way" to provide nourishment for their families.

In both examples, the children seem to be the adults and just want to play together, live as one and grow up in a peaceful environment. Both schools have wonderful children and excellent staffs, provide jobs for the community members and economic benefit for the tax base. It is too bad that some local adults cannot accept each school as part of the same family with simply an older (SoHi) and younger (Skyview) child. Past disagreements are being unfairly inflicted on the present generation.

Let's have peacemakers not war-makers here in Soldotna and in the Holy Land. Let's all support our community, our children and our goal of quality education for all.

Troublemakers will see this letter as prompting further discussion regarding which school represents the children of Israel and which represents the children of Palestine. Peacemakers will see the recent tension as childish and remember the scripture, "Let the children come to me."

David R. Carey -

Soldotna City Council

10-mill tax cap will ensure taxes stay at reasonable level

Despite the fact that the taxpayers of Anchorage pay millions of dollars every year for education, some of our citizens are still unable to read the state statutes.

The state statutes dictate how the municipalities raise and collect property taxes. The tax cap folks are merely trying to amend existing law. The state of Alaska already has a tax cap -- it's 30 mills.

Some communities in the United States suffer from taxes twice are high as ours, some of them approaching 30 mills. No way, do we want Alaska to have as high of property taxes as those outside cities. The 10-mill tax cap will ensure that our property taxes will stay at a reasonable level.

Charles Gunther -


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