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Posted: Friday, October 18, 2002

It's time Kenai benefactor get headstone for her grave

I think two years is long enough. I believe it is time to put a headstone on "Eadie" Ethel Henderson's grave.

Eadie was a homesteader, a pioneer. She was known for her kindness and loved by all who knew her. Eadie left home at a very young age and knew what hard times were all about. She knew what it was to go hungry and go without things that she needed.

She made herself a vow that if she was ever in a position to help others out, she would do it. When she came to Kenai and built "Eadie's Last Frontier Club" she did just that. She knew what people pawned around the holidays, as to their needs. She had ladies help her out by taking things to families and tell them that it was from them because she knew that some families probably wouldn't accept the things from her, so some families didn't even know the good she had done.

I was honored to help her fix up Thanksgiving baskets from the turkey to dessert, and then she would take them to the needy families early in the morning and leave it on their doorstep. Some knew and would thank her and she would say "For what? I didn't do anything." She was a caring and giving person who never expected anything in return and never would take credit for the good she did.

So now after two years and her estate still in probate, I feel it is time for this lovely lady to have a headstone and be recognized for everything she has done for this community. Anyone wishing to make a donation may do so. You can make a check to Peninsula Memorial Chapel and mail it to Chrystal Schoenrock at Box 8583, Nikiski, AK 99635.

If there should be any money left over, it will go for a needy children Christmas because that is what she would have done.

When the stone gets here, it will be put on the pedestal that was put up at the Kenai Cemetery by the Getties. A great thanks to them and all who helped.

A special thanks to those who have already donated and to those who have helped me collect donations so far. I'm doing this for Zane, Vickie and Eadie's grandchildren but also for her friends. Again, thank you all. You can all call me at 776-9907.

Chrystal Schoenrock


Limited entry designed to prevent deluge of thousands more boats

Re: Don Johnson's Oct. 8 letter -- Alaska's salmon limited entry monopoly must be removed!

I feel compelled to rebut his attack and lengthy diatribe concerning Cook Inlet salmon fishing. He went too far when he called me and my fellow fishermen "greedy capitalists" and his understanding of Alaska's limited entry is limited.

Oddly, I have never heard this guy refer to himself as a commercial salmon fishing guide. You don't suppose he feels that if the commercial fishery were eliminated he would be able to capitalize on the same public resource? Nah!

Maybe he has not been around long enough to remember that the people of Alaska voted two times for limited entry; yet he has the audacity to question the wisdom of the voters and its benefit to the resource.

He was right when he stated the act successfully eliminated "thousands of competing fishermen." That is actually why limited entry was enacted in 1973. With the famous "Judge Boldt Decision" in 1974 that effectively eliminated the majority of Washington state's commercial fishermen, Alaska would have been deluged with thousands of additional boats.

What impact do you think that would have had on our salmon industry?

Referring to his quote calling limited entry a huge "public vacuum," why don't we ask the average resident recreational fisherman who has the biggest vacuum? Who has the most effective vacuum on the biologically troubled early-run Kenai king salmon?

Hopefully your readers can see through Don Johnson's feeble and biased attempts to be recognized as a self-proclaimed expert on Alaska's salmon fishery. I prefer to gather my information from our biologists, and I suggest that you should too!

George Lundquist

35-year commercial gillnetter


Ad implies Ward's supporters not as sophisticated as his foes

It is amazing to me that Ron Johnson and his vigilantes would wait until a few weeks before the election to bring this libelous diatribe, and in this manner, before the voters in a two, full-page advertisement. Obviously the timing of this slanderous witchhunt is intended to destroy Mr. Ward and throw the election to his opponent. This is the same type of "faceless" character assassination typical of candidates, and their cronies, who are losing in the polls. The Josef Goebbels tactics displayed in this two-page opprobrium is typical of liberals and those moderate Republicans, who are really liberals in disguise. Their own minds and agenda are empty of positive discussion so they trash the opposition. These same moderate Republican-liberals will criticize legitimate investigation into their activities as "McCarthyism," while performing "Tailgunner Joe" tactics themselves, as in this case.

The ad says, "We believe there is a powerful political machine at work on the Peninsula, but it is not based here." And, that "not one" contributor was a peninsula voter. I suppose Jerry's grass-root supporters (you and me) are the "powerful political machine." Where does Johnson believe all the remaining $18,675, Ward is not required by law to disclose, comes from? A paltry $2,900 from "Anchorage" does not a "war chest" or "influence pandering" charge establish.

Perhaps Mr. Johnson will be brave enough to identify the co-conspirators involved his PAC. Johnson says that this advertisement "... is motivated by registered Peninsula voters who have 'no affiliation' with Mr. Ward's opponents except our common need. ..." By this disingenuous statement Mr. Johnson neglects to inform us that he is associated in real estate with Mr. Joe Arness, who just so happened to be Mr. Ward's opponent, defeated in the primary.

I suppose "no affiliation" means the same as "depends on what is, is." I even wonder if Johnson has registered his PAC with the proper election authorities. I understand that Mr. Johnson refuses to disclose the names of the PAC's membership. What else are they hiding? Of course they will probably claim that this has nothing at all to do with their support for Mr. Ward's opponent(s) and that I have taken them out of context.

Johnson and his headhunters have just called the rest of us, who have supported Jerry over these years, less sophisticated than themselves, and by association, stupid or worse. That also is typical of moderate Republican-liberals, but I personally take offense. Since this PAC has nothing to offer the voters, they trash their opponent and his constituency. All one has to do to see this in operation is watch the liberals in Washington. Johnson and his cronies have learned these politics of personal destruction well.

In the meantime, Ward's Democrat opponent is jumping with glee in the hopes that Ward's moderate Republican-liberal opponent will split the Republican vote and elect him by default, as happened four years ago in Minnesota.

This will fulfill the prophesy that Republicans will once more "snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory." That's the trouble with moderate Republican-liberals. They will stoop to anything to defeat a conservative. They know they can't beat Jerry straight-up so they apply these vicious tactics.

As for me, I'm sticking with Jerry and urge all "free" people on the peninsula and in the district to do the same.

By the way, this is an unsolicited, unaffiliated endorsement. I have never met Jerry Ward in my life and have only talked to him briefly, over the phone, once.

George R. Siter Jr.

Cooper Landing

Smear-and-fear campaign against Ward will not work

Here's what I know about Jerry Ward, a good man:

Sen. Ward and his family had to endure through a dirty political election in 1996. He kept his campaign on a high note and placed his faith in the public's hands and the public responded by electing him as our senator. Once again, the same dirty tactics have appeared in the Clarion. This is a blatant attempt to influence the public about Sen. Jerry Ward's veracity and character.

Here are just a few of life's accomplishments that I know about this man's character:

To start with, the senator has been married to the same wonderful lady for more than 31 years. Together they raised three fantastic children. This alone speaks for his character as a loving and faithful husband and devoted father.

Regardless of how busy the senator is even when he is in Juneau, he works extra hours on his own time to write to Kenai Peninsula children. He takes pride in personally congratulating them on awards that they have received. For example, the senator wrote a letter to a young lad by the name of Boomer Blossom who won third place in a basketball hoop shoot. The young lad received the senator's letter and was extremely happy that a state senator would take time to write to him. He made a wish that someday maybe he could have his picture taken with the senator. Well, Sen. Jerry Ward made that wish come true.

When the Indian Action program started at Wildwood in the early 1970s, the senator spent time as a heavy equipment instructor at the facility. Once again, he was trying to help people learn a trade they could make a decent living at. This was not a racist act, but an act of compassion and caring for his fellow man.

When Beans Cafe in Anchorage began, the senator was one of the major supporters and volunteered many hours to help the needy in their time of need.

In 1965, Vietnam was going strong and the senator was a SeaBee involved with construction projects. In 1968, the senator was stationed in Vietnam serving this great nation of ours, and he was honorably discharged in 1969. All veterans can relate to that achievement.

Smear campaigns begin when one opponent has a fear that he or she is losing their bid for being elected to whatever post they are competing for. Fear is defined by Webster's Dictionary as being afraid or apprehensive. Fear-and-smear campaigns as well as smear-and-fear tactics will never scare or intimidate intelligent people. This writer is more than positive that the population of Kenai Peninsula is made up of thousands of highly intelligent citizens.

My message to the folks behind the smear Senator Ward Campaign is short and simple. Smear tactics will never get the intelligent people of the Kenai Peninsula to vote your way.

Joseph A. Malatesta Sr.


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