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Posted: Monday, October 18, 2010

"It Is What It Is," and "What It Is" is getting worse! America is getting sicker by the minute. We have been taking the wrong medicine. President Obama and his loyal band of followers have been distributing socialism pills all across America. His prescription for change and transformation in America is bad medicine. He can't be stopped until November 2012, however, on November 2, we can elect Joe Miller as our U.S. Senator. He and the other conservatives can put a stop to the spread of this disease and set the stage for real change in 2012.

It is possible to turn back to the good old days of Ronald Reagan. We must cut spending, cut taxes, crate jobs, and balance the budget. The conservatives of Alaska are proud to be Americans. Joe Miller understands national defense, and he is not afraid to stand up and speak up against wasteful spending. An annual 1 trillion dollar deficit is a deadly disease.

If "What It Is" is making you sick, vote for real change on November 2.

Bob Thraves, Soldotna

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