A vote for McAdams

Posted: Monday, October 18, 2010

Who are you voting for in the U.S. Senate Race?

We have a choice between Scott McAdams, Lisa Murkowski, and Joe Miller.

Lisa was voted out but rose to run again. Write in candidate sounds glamorous and she has a can do attitude but it is a waste of your vote. Realistically she will lose 5 percent or more of her votes to mistakes on ballot and challenged votes. Joe Miller might win. Ugh! Ugh!

Joe Miller is sounding more like 1998 Republican candidate for Governor, John Lindaur. John ran as a carpetbagger from Chicago who embarrassed the Republican Party and left Alaska in shame. The write-in candidate Robin Taylor lost. Joe's work history he doesn't want to talk about, along with many other things that tell you about a person moral and work ethics. His family has used many of the programs he want to abolish or change like farm subsidies, he receive in another state. Unemployment, unconstitutional, low income fishing license, and kid care. I believe Joe is supported by a lot of outside interest and will not have the best interest of Alaska in mind if elected. Scott McAdams will vote with You and Me in mind and Our input.

Scott McAdams served his community, as mayor, on school board, football coach and much more. He served ALASKA as President of the Alaska School Board Association, Board of Directors of the Alaska Municipal League (AML), and is Married with 3 kids living in Sitka. Worked as a commercial fisherman and much more. I know he will vote what is best for You, Me, Ore Families and Alaska.

I'm Voting for Scott McAdams for U.S. Senate. You should too!

Blake Johnson, Kenai

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